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Forum: Thief
Topic: A Taffer Legend

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Jyre posted 02-21-99 09:39 AM ET (US)
Today I must tell you of the one called Amast, a man who lived in times now long past. He was of the Malani people, who, in his time were subject to slavery and degradation. His father was born a slave, as was his brother. He the elder, was smuggled from the farm where his family were held when he was still a babe. Raised by a white man in the land of the exiles he grew up hated and ridculed by all but one man. When he was just fourteen he was indoctrined with the Corum, a race of ghost like creatures, born of the Other World. They told him they would free his people. They promised him unity of the lands. They lied.
But before he discovered the truth he became a thief. The first 'Taffer Legend', you could say. He was worshipped by the underworld and hated by the rest. And this, my friends, is how it all began:-

"Darn waste of time, if you ask me."
"Aye, Cap'in."
Amast knelt in the shadows and watched the guards march past. Then he listened as their footsteps faded.His heart beat fiercly against the chest, sounding to him like the bells of the great wall. He counted five, and pushed himself free of the wall. Although he treaded lightly, every step on the cold marble floor sounded like the bang of a drum in his ear. His heart told him to run but his mind stayed firm. Before him was his target, a giant ruby, embued, many said, with a great magic. He climbed up the pedestool, staying in the shadows as best he could. His fingers curled around the precious gem, it's cool surface like silk under his fingers. He lifted it gingerly from it's cushion.
Alarm bells rang. Voices were raised in calls of anger and alarm. Amast leapt from the pedestool and ran back the way he had come, all discresion forgotten. Panic ruled his mind. Something bit painfully into his side. He looked down to see an arrow sticking into his hip. His blood ran freely down his chest. The guard raised his bow again...

And so, fellow taffers, know that even the most careless may rise to greatness.

***May the eternal shadow mask your way***

redEye posted 02-22-99 02:44 AM ET (US)
kewl - i like.


Jyre posted 02-22-99 01:14 PM ET (US)
If anyone wants me to extend the legend say aye, if not say nay. I'll check at the weekend and decide whether or not to keep going. (No one at TTLg objects to me doing this, do they?)
Ghost posted 02-22-99 02:25 PM ET (US)
i doubt they mind but...Digital Nightfall was looking for stories to put on his home page so when you get done with it, send it to him =p
Lytha posted 02-22-99 06:20 PM ET (US)
I say "Aye", I like it.
redEye posted 02-22-99 09:22 PM ET (US)
aye, aye likes it, cadfael-style


NaeS posted 02-23-99 06:48 AM ET (US)
Aye says aye (sorry Cadfael)
Jyre posted 02-23-99 02:28 PM ET (US)
Okay, I know I said I'd wait until the weekend but I've had a little thought and if I don't write it down I'll probably forget it.
And if anyone has any little sayings for the endings I could work with I'd appreciate it if you could let me know.

Here goes.

At the tender age of just thirteen, Amast set out on his criminal career when he took it upon himself to become a common cutpurse, because, as he often quoted. 'The white men rob me of my dignity, why then should I not take from them their gold?' He had small sucess with his chosen career because, despite his words, in his heart he felt shame.
Less than a year after setting out on his wayward path he was caught by a man who called himself 'The Skull'. Rather than turn Amast over to the authorities, The Skull took the boy in. It was he that taught Amast of his heritage, whilst instilling in the boy a desire for revenge. And it was he who... introdced... Amast to the Corum:-

Amast rubbed at the dull ache in his hip, even though the wound was many months healed. He had learnt a hard lesson that first night and always he would bare the scars to prove it. The second arrow had caught him accross his back. He still didn't know how he'd managed to escape.
"I'm going out."
Amast nodded that he'd heard Skull's words. He watched his mentor's departure from under hooded eyes. For over a week now The Skull had been absent from their small hut during the nights and Amast was starting to get suspicious. The Skull had always told him where he would be before now. Amast didn't like the lack of communication. He counted five hundred beats in his head before slipping out the door after he one he called master.
Clouds masked the stars and the moon cast only a spattering of light over the contryside. Amast crouched in the shadow of a small hill, shivering in the chill wind. For over an hour he had followed The Skull before he had finally reached his destination. From where he waited Amast could just make out the overhang that hid the small cave entrance through which the skull had passed. Nothing, living or otherwise, had passed by in the long hour since and Amast finally felt safe enough to make his move. He took a deep breath and forced himself to move before his courage collapsed.
It was a quick sprint from the spot where he crouched to the rocky cliff that hid the cave. From there he picked his way from shadow to shadow, cursing silently each time he kicked a bit of scree or knocked loose some old scrub.
The cave was dark and the air felt damp on his skin. The only light came from a flickering torch set just inside the entrance and it's reach was short.
Amast stepped inside and was surprised when his feet met soft sand and not the rock he had expected. Uncertanty gripped his heart. Had The Skull truly come here?
Amast spun back to the entrance, his heart pounding. There was nothing there. 'Just the wind,' he thought to himself, pushing on. He had gone no more than two steps when he felt something brush past him. He froze again, eyes and ears straining but could find nothing. He had just convinced himself he was imaginging things when something 'entered' him, it's aura filling his whole body. Amast wanted to run but his body refused to respond. And then he felt it brush his mind, a presnse so familiar, yet at the same time so alien that it made Amast feel sick.
Light flooded the cave, momentarily blinding Amast. "Ah, Amast." It was The Skull. "Let me introduce you to my friends. They call themselves 'The Corum'.....

"Beware the shadows you hold to your bossom, for one day they may go for your heart." You have been warned.

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Cadfael posted 02-24-99 04:45 AM ET (US)
Aye aye says Aye


Hist and Ho

NaeS posted 02-24-99 06:20 AM ET (US)
Ooohh ... scary!

That's actually pretty darn good, Jyre. I hope to see more. As long as Amast doesn't end up saving the world.

GreyMouser posted 02-24-99 08:47 AM ET (US)
Aye, tell forth your tale, Jyre!
Jyre posted 02-25-99 06:48 AM ET (US)
I've boobed. His name's actually Amran, not Amast. Sorry about that.(I'll go back and fix it later) I got him confused with one of my other characters. And no, he's not going to 'Save The World'

I'd like to apologise for all of this being out of order (chronolgical, that is) but it's taken me a little while to figure out exactly how he escaped. If you remember he'd just snatched up the ruby, been shot in the hip and a guard was drawing bead on him.

Amran's legs buckled underneath him as the shock of the wound hit home. The air whistled above his head. Agony sliced across his back as the second arrow tore through a layer of skin. Amran ducked and rolled, heading for the shadows cast by the upper floor's balcony. His back slammed into something solid, sending more waves of agony through his body. Just as he was head was clearing the 'wall' behind him gave way and he found himself tumbling backwards, arms flaying and legs kicking.
"The next one find's your heart, taffer!"
The ground was suddenly gone. Amran found himself plunging backwards into darkness, his heart in his throat and the guard's words echoing around in his ears.

Amran groaned and rolled over. Pain sliced through his hip, bringing him fully awake. He blinked in the semi-darkness, momentarily disorientated. Was he drunk? It certainly felt like had one hell of a hangover! He rubbed his hand against his aching hip. When it came up sticky with congealed blood the memories came flooding back.
The ruby! He padded his pockets in desperation. Nothing. Perhaps he dropped it. He glanced down at the floor and found himself lying in a pile of unwashed clothes. For some reason it made him laugh. Saved by a laundry shute, of all things! The laughter felt good. It helped clear his head. Wiping tears from his eyes he began to search for the ruby.
"Do be do be do be do...."
Amran glanced towards the doorway when he heard the humming. He quickly buried himself in a heap of clothing, wincing as the arrow tip moved in his hip. He heard footsteps coming closer, then someone started to shuffel through the clothes just inches in front of Amran's nose. Amran tried to shift back but the stranger lifted the skirt that had been over his head.
"Who-" It was a young servant, probably Amran's age, if not slightly younger. He dropped his load and started to run. "Guards!"
Amran shot to his feet and brought both his fists down on the back of the servant's neck. It was only after the boy had collapsed that he noticed hee was a fellow Malani. "Forgive me," he whispered as he beant over and retrieved the ruby that had fallen with the servant's bundle. He tiptoed over to the door, ignoring the blood that had started to drip down his leg. There were no guards, just a flight of stairs which ended in an old wooden door. Amran glanced back at the boy, who still lay unmoving. "I hope this doesn't get you into too much trouble." He began to pull off the servants clothes. They looked a good fit. He just hoped the guards were as ignorant of the servants as he thought.
"Hey. You!"
Amran froze. He kept his eyes to the ground. "M-me, sir?"
"Yeah, you." A pair of boots appeared under Amran's gaze. "What you about?"
"Laundry, sir," Amran held out his bundle as proof.
"Don't you be tarrying. Hear?"
"Yes, sir."
The gate swung open and Amran breathed a sigh of relief as he shuffled through. Home, and Skull, were just a short walk away.

"There are times when light serves where shadows cannot."

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Jyre posted 02-25-99 11:07 AM ET (US)
Me again

I've wrote another little diddy called Into The Dark which is going to be featuring on DN's website when he gets round to it. It might have to be done as a download 'cos of it's size.

Jyre posted 02-26-99 01:49 PM ET (US)
Who thinks I should give A Taffer Legend it's own website?

[This message has been edited by Jyre (edited February 27, 1999).]

Jyre posted 02-27-99 02:11 PM ET (US)
A Taffer Legend is now at
Kyloe posted 02-27-99 07:12 PM ET (US)
Watch it, girl! You could get accused of literature.

Those who ha' w' Garrett bled

Jyre posted 02-28-99 07:16 AM ET (US)
Is that so bad ?
After reading some of the posts here I'm beginnig to feel rather inadiquate on the thieving side .

[This message has been edited by Jyre (edited February 28, 1999).]

Kyloe posted 02-28-99 10:37 AM ET (US)
You know that you are talented.

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