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  random fun stuff (*spoilers*)

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Author Topic:   random fun stuff (*spoilers*)
posted February 05, 1999 06:44 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for redEye   Click Here to Email redEye     Edit Message
Well, you could say I was inspired by a similar post on the old board. That, and the "umm... 15th post" thread I just responded to, where someone (Andman, maybe) asked if we had found "secret" stuff that turned out to be not so secret. So some fun stuff I've done lately:

In cragscleft, most of the guards I knocked out ended up in locked cells with big headaches. (wait! it gets better...)

In the bonehoard, the puzzle sequence to find the mystic's heart (i think... the one that's lower on the objectives list) was pretty kewl. I ended up mostly running and jumping thru the statues of the watchers - is there a better way to do it? And the spook (red-garbed skeleton-dude with a sword) was a nice effect - scary at first, if you don't know there's more of 'em to come. 'course, i avoided him, too, sneak that i am. heh.
Oh, and fyi - there's a little trove of water arrows a bit into the level. When you're in the 2nd indoors room, turn back the way you came in and there's some stairs to your right (on the side you find the body). Walk up - you should end up about 2/3 of the way up the first room - the one with the rope and zombie. If you look in a little crack in the wall that's on the side facing the entrance to the tombs, there's a treasure chest chock full o' water arrows. Yummy.

Ramirez's mansion is full of fun stuff to do, methinks. My 1st time thru the game (on normal), I just chased the guards I was following thru the front door to get in. This time I noticed that the side guards left, so I could get in that way, but I didn't feel like it... so I got a bunch of crates from around the city and made my way in over the wall. It took 5 crates on the low wall to the right of the entrance, then another 2 on top of that wall, but I mantled over the tall wall and smashed in the bowman-guard's skull >;-)
Incidentally, it's really worth it to go back to Farkus' shop when you have the time. Yeah, you can get the fire arrow, flashbomb, and bread when you're first there, but probably not the rest of the stuff. There's fire, water, rope, and broadhead arrows, as well as a flashbomb. And some crates
Does anyone know if there's anything else of use in the city? I wandered around for 20 minutes and couldn't really find anything...

Inside Ramirez's manor is kewl, too. I like the secret passageway in his room, as well as the body storage side room ;o). There's a room on the first floor - it's between the garden and the area directly under Ramirez's room - with 4 guards in it. To the right of this room is a room with 2 peasants; to the left is an open door to a stairwell. Anyway, malicious bastard that I am, I figured that since they were, for the most part, looking away from me, I should blackjack 'em all. There's 2 in the shadows to the left who weren't much of a problem. One to the right has a key on him, turns around frequently, and is more in the light, but I got him too. There's a 4th guard who's in the light, but next to some shadows. Oh, by the way, he's a super-guard; he's dressed all in black and has a bow. His first shot seems to be a fire arrow, with the rest being normal (I think someone asked about him on the old board, actually). I damned near got the taffer, too. Ah well, there's always next time...

Fun stories, anyone?


whoa... a bit longer than I had intended, but ah well. Oh, btw - I'm only on Ramirez's mansion on expert, if you hadn't noticed. :-

[This message has been edited by redEye (edited February 05, 1999).]

[This message has been edited by redEye (edited February 05, 1999).]

posted February 05, 1999 09:46 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for urmane   Click Here to Email urmane     Edit Message
Some interesting things I've noticed:

  • The blood spot from those little frog things evaporates after about a minute
  • Many, many torches are on their walls/pillars/etc "backwards"; ie, the torch floats in the air near the wall, and their mooring shaft sticks out into the room, with a small mounting plate at the end of the shaft.
  • If you get high enough, say, on the rooftops of the city, you no longer make sound as you walk. Coincidentally, I've noticed that the "frozen floating monsters" appears to be connected with this ...

posted February 05, 1999 01:33 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Eon   Click Here to Email Eon     Edit Message
Did you know you can enter Ramirez' mansion by swimming?
There is a stream coming out under the mansion wall. Cool alternate route, IMHO.

posted February 05, 1999 01:57 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Caine   Click Here to Email Caine     Edit Message
A few of my favorite moments are:

1) Running into Bafford's Throne Room, bitch slapping the guard as I run by, done by running by him and looking at him and when he reacts you whack him with the blackjack, because he's aware of you it doesn't do as much damage and is more like a slap, snatching the sceptre, hauling ass down the corridor and doing a half gainer into the swimming pool on the first level...I wonder if they will ever try and follow me.

2) In the prison mission I enjoyed taunting and torturing the inmates when they tried to give away my position. Also if you go to the second enterance to the prison, the one that has two guards at it, instead of the way that has the elevator, its always nice to sneak up on the two of them, put out the lights, walk up behind the first one while his buddy is talking to him and knock his ass out. and then walk right up to the other guard and knock him out as well.

3) How about luring guards into hallways with zombies and then running away and letting the zombie take care of him? Its a fun move, wait till the guard sees you, then run away past a zombie and then keep running so they both lose interest in you and go after each other.

4) Shooting anyboady with a Fire Arrow. =)

5) Taking the last guard on Level 1's carcass and sitting it in Bafford's Throne. hahaha

6) Stuffing the older guard on the basement level of the "sneak into the hammerite temple" level into the iron maiden or dropping him on the rack. Too bad you can't have some fun with him.

7) Seeing the look in the eyes of a guard when you've been standing behind him for five minutes and he turns around and sees you with your blackjack ready to bash his poor skull in. Ahhh the simple pleasures.

8) Dodging burrick belches as you slaughter them with your sword and then watch them run away and try to hide as they wimper. Or better yet, nailing them from a secure location with a couple of broadhead arrows and watch them whine.

9) After knocking out the three guards on the top floor of the sword room, dumping their bodies down that cylinder and letting them sit there for their buddies.

Just a few choice moments...

posted February 05, 1999 04:12 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for talon54   Click Here to Email talon54     Edit Message
The black garbed guys at Ramirez are the assasins who you followed.You can always get all the stuff at Farkazes because they always stop under the tunnel for about 5 seconds and then continue on.Grab the flash bombs last,haha or you might give yourself away!!!
Some fun things to do at Ramirez.I was able to blackjack the two guys who talk about monster babysitting in the courtyard before they left the grass area.
Spoilers spoilers.
If your quick enough you can blackjack the two servants outside the library.
My favorites. Let a guard see you from that second floor that looks down on the main entrance.Hell come after you.Double back behind the second hallway wall,wait for him to come up and whack him full force from behind.You can get in 4 whacks and finish him off easily.I did this with 3 guards.
Library secret passageway.Jump up and down in the passageway by the treasure room, then climb down the ladder and let that guy see you,go back and jump again!When you here him coming after you,quietly go down the ladder ,go in the right door to the second section of the treasure room,Whack this guy from behind, or lure him out and flashbang him and knock him out.Taunt the guard who is now looking for you in the passageway. He will leave and come back,so climb up the ladder again.Love messing with their heads.

Junior Member
posted February 05, 1999 07:17 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ferris     Edit Message
Some one on the old board said that on the sword level, if you go into the bar, you can close the bar door and jump in. I can't find the door, was wandering if any one else did it? (spoiler) The way I got to the sword was to stand on the table of the first room on the left. If you look up, a block in the ceiling is highlighted, click it and it open up to 2nd floor. Shoot a rope arrow, and do the same thing for next ceiling. Was just wandering if anyone else did it the same way?

posted February 05, 1999 07:50 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ghost   Click Here to Email Ghost     Edit Message
the bar door.

on the inside of the bar (bartender side) there is a small door with some gold cups down there. in the event a guard sees you, you can crouch down and climb in and they will walk right by...or you can thwack their toes with a blackjack =P

Junior Member
posted February 05, 1999 09:26 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Jaymz   Click Here to Email Jaymz     Edit Message
Hmm... well, I think my favorite level to screw around with the game is The Sword. You know that section where you jump on a vine and climb up to where the sword is suspended and two guards are? Well, I like to waste the guards with mines, then throw their corpses down the shaft onto the floor for some poor sap to come across. It's a riot when you hear the guy come up and say "Hey, are you allright... no, of course you're not allright. Sorry!" Also, from that nice shadowy area, you can shoot them with arrows. You can also run around the floor and let guards see you, then jump up to the vine again and snipe 'em.

When you go up to the stairwell that leads to the third floor, only open one door, so in case you don't kill a guard with one shot, when he runs down to alert his buddies, he'll get caught on the unopened door and he'll just run there until you waste 'em with a fire arrow...

posted February 05, 1999 09:53 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for redEye   Click Here to Email redEye     Edit Message
talon54: The black garbed guys at Ramirez are the assasins who you followed.
I dunno... maybe one of em is, but I thwacked one before he set foot inside, and he looked pretty normal.

Oh, and on the same lev, I found out that you can crush boxes by falling on them from high enough ;-)


posted February 06, 1999 03:43 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Retiarius   Click Here to Email Retiarius     Edit Message
Another fun thing to do in The Sword level is to get guards to chase you into the long hallway on the second floor with the electricity trap triggered by the door in the middle of the hall. Duck in, and then open and close the door to keep triggering the trap. ("I'll get you, taffer! *Ugh!* Where are you? *Urk!* "You can't hide forever!" *ARRRGH!* *Thud*) Then you drag his body into the room and go get another guard to chase you.

Note that this works even on expert level. Apparently, it's OK if the guards are killed by traps, even if it's you that triggers the trap. (Close door, open door. "Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot that the door is trapped." Close door, open door, "Oops, I forgot again." Close, open. "Goodness! Did I do that? Hello? Hello? Tsk."

posted February 06, 1999 04:16 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ghost   Click Here to Email Ghost     Edit Message
haha i did that too =P then there was 2 guards in the hallway and one got thru thru the barrage of fireballs since it's humanly impossible to open and close the door fast enough to kill 2 guards LOL

posted February 06, 1999 07:09 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Chrysophylax     Edit Message
Another way to mess around with The Sword:
On the second floor, drop through that door in the floor in the dining room. You land on a table. Immediately put out the torch in the room. Any guards that saw you will go into "looking around for you" mode. You can jump off the table and blackjack them when they are turned. Then go lead all the guards in the mansion to that room one by one, jump on the table, wait, then KO them. The most iv'e gotten is 21 knockouts (BLACKJACK! hehe) anyone can get higher?


DEMON Messiah
posted February 06, 1999 09:48 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for DEMON Messiah   Click Here to Email DEMON Messiah     Edit Message
I just finished the entire game, for the 8th time. This time my plan was to kill everything that moved in each level, except for Into the Maw. Which I did with a huge amount of success. My number one tip is save you arrows! Almost all creatures, excluding the undead can be thwarted without them. As for dealing with the undead, get a bunch of them close together and waste 'em at the same time, fire and water arrows hit more than one target (in fact I took out 4 zombies with one fire arrow in boneyard) and to get ghosts and those dead hammerites group them together and waste 'em with flash bombs.

I finished with inflicting about 7000 damage and taking only 200. Not bad eh?

As for 21 knockouts, I think I've gotten over 40. Not sure on an exact number though.

Where am I?
Oh yeah, in the freezer.

posted February 07, 1999 12:01 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ichneumon   Click Here to Email Ichneumon     Edit Message
The sword level definately has some of the most fun areas to fool around. When I first did the level, I played it on expert, so I blackjacked all the guards on the 2nd level above the sword. Then just jumped onto the ring by the sword, grabbed it and jumped back. hehe no rope arrows, no force field to turn off... FUN

And if you want to test your Rope arrow aiming skills try this. Down in the garden area there is a hallway that ends in a dead end with a torch in it. There is a sliding door in the roof of that room. You can rope arrow up into that room. and then get into another room from there. At that point you can see up into that crazy upside-down room. Shoot a rope arrow into the leg of the table, or chair, and climb up. I spent at least an hour jumpin around rope arrows in that area. LOL you can climb most of the way up that way, and it REALLY works on your precision aiming. FUN!

god I love this game!


posted February 07, 1999 09:44 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Faroohk   Click Here to Email Faroohk     Edit Message
On Strange Bedfellows, when you get down in the basement, I like to run into that sideways pool of water thingie, swim up to the top, and watch the ratmen come in and drown "like rats".

You spin me right round baby, right round like a record baby round right round round

posted February 10, 1999 08:05 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for redEye   Click Here to Email redEye     Edit Message
Man, I didn't fully appreciate the Ramirez place my 1st time thru - on normal. It's soooo much fun on expert...
Alternate ways to get in and out, all kinds of fun hidden stuff, and the guards really have character in this one. I just beat it on expert about 30 min ago, and I really underestimated the outside guards... there's just a lot of 'em! heehee... real fun to sneak/run around a city in the moonlight, trying to avoid 3 dozen guards, tho. One big problem I have with Assassins, though: go to the bridge past which you followed the 2 goons - the metal one that's mad loud. Hop in the water to the right. Right near where the river goes under the bridge, there's a ladder to the right (if you're facing the bridge) that leads to a roughly Garrett-sized opening. Try to climb the ladder and get into said opening - AFAICT, it's bloody impossible! You can't crawl, jump, or mantle your way in... grrrrrr....


I apologize for any blatant lack of clarity contained herein. You may all rest assured that, after 20 or so hours of good sleep, I'll be back to my usual obtuse self. heesigh...

Junior Member
posted February 10, 1999 11:28 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Nthforcer     Edit Message
My personal favorite moment was the first time I played through Bafford's Mansion.. Sure, I knew that killing everyone and everything wasn't the entire point, but I did it anyway, just for the hell of it. (Not by running into the middle of a battle.. I learned that lesson the hard way.)

After I'd cleaned the place out, I went looking around for awhile.. taking what I could.. I went into the room just before the "Throne Room" and took a look around.. Looking up, I thought "Hey, how fun would it be to climb around on those rafters up there and drop down on the taffer guardin' this place?" Then I spotted it. A hole. The magnificent hole.. I didn't quite know where it led, but I knew I'd get to it somehow..

After wandering around for a good half hour, I still couldn't find the entrance. Then I realized that you can slash open those rugs on the walls, and went about slashing every rug I could find, just to tick Bafford off when he got back. That's when I found another hole.. on the.. eh.. damn.. I think it's on the north side of the pool, top floor.. above one of those tree-infested areas.. ah well.

So after wandering through a small passageway.. I found myself on top of the rafters. I immediately killed myself (accomplished by dropping down, then running to and jumping into the big pool) and started the level anew. When I got to the point that I could get up to that hole unnoticed, I walked through and up on top of the rafters, and chuckled with malice, leaping down, blackjacking the taffer guarding the scepter. Beat the level rather quickly that way.. and saved me from having to run through the entire place. Try it sometime.. just be careful. The taffer guardin' the scepter won't see you (unless you fall) but he will hear you.. and he just might bang the gong for his buddy out on the marble floor. (Or you can do it yourself with an arrow, then just turn 'em both into pincushions..)

"I crumble.."

posted February 10, 1999 11:39 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Snoman   Click Here to Email Snoman     Edit Message
great, now try it on expert.

posted February 11, 1999 01:48 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Keef   Click Here to Email Keef     Edit Message
Okay, here's one I saw on the old forum and didn't get until tonight.

On Bonehoard, the room with the fireball spitting into the hallway... lure zombies into it... I keep tripping over zombie parts there now, as I've gotten seven of them just casually running

It saves arrows, it's not illegal, and it's a blast to watch zombies crumble! (On the second hit they do the 'drowning zombie' drop, but before they hit blast three makes em go splort!)

Stealing from the rich since 1980!

posted February 11, 1999 04:34 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Andman   Click Here to Email Andman     Edit Message
Here is a cool moment I had in Ramirez mansion. I was walking in the garden around the mansion, after taking out the bowmen up on the walls. I thought there were no more guards around so jumped around and suddenly saw four or five guards coming my direction. I let the shadows swallow me and as the guards walked by I noticed they were walking in a line. I thought I try to have some fun, so I followed after them and started clubbing down the guards one by one. When only one guard was left, he suddenly jumped around. He probably got a shock when he saw all his pals lying around on the ground. I started banging him with my club until he passed out too. And then I dumped them all in the river and watched them float away...

But I still cant understand how the Hammers can forgive me after I clubbed their priests to death, robbed their temple (as far as I know they have not gotten their first hammer back ) and killed half of their sect.
And when I rescued the High priest on Bedfellows I tried to strike him with my sword because of all the trouble he had gotten me in. He yelled out and it eased my temper so I picked him up. But when I was going to take him back I accidently dropped him in a campfire when I got attacked by ratmen, and after that he fell off the raft we were riding and he drowned before I could get him...
Oh and something I did not know was that gas arrows take out torches, so you can be really economical by taking out monsters and torches at the same time...

posted February 11, 1999 09:20 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for redEye   Click Here to Email redEye     Edit Message
yeah, hammerites don't seem like the most forgiving sort. i guess they're just pragmatic...
i thought it was really kewl how right after you talked to the guys thru the siege window, they ran over to do battle, then there was the sound of clashing metal and shouts and all... very nicely done. 'course, they just start randomly wandering around after that... i think some of em got hit on the head too hard

one more fun thing on assassins: i came up to the kitchen thru the basement area; there was a peasant in there grumbling about something. then he picks up a tray and starts to walk down the stairs towards me. 'course i thunked him after a few steps, and the tray and food fell out of his hands with a loud clatter. man, i love the sounds in this game...


posted February 21, 1999 09:32 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for NaeS   Click Here to Email NaeS     Edit Message
I did the same thing and then hid the body.
When I came back to the kitchen the tray he was carrying was back on the counter though I couldn't pick it up. Like it was there but not there. Very strange.

Brother Mason
Junior Member
posted February 21, 1999 10:24 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Brother Mason   Click Here to Email Brother Mason     Edit Message
One of my favorite things to do is in the assasins mission.When Ramirez is in his counting room there is a piece of carpet with a big R on it.When you pull it a servant will come down with a tray of food for ramirez.I like blackjacking the servant and carrying him upstairs to the balcony in Ramirezs bedroom and throwing him off and waiting for the patrols to go bye and notice him and when all the guards are in a big group throwing a flash bomb down on them then jumping down and blackjacking them all and then throw them in the river part just outside the mansion.

Brother Mason

posted March 04, 1999 02:46 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Catfish     Edit Message
Once I was in Farkuses' when he was shot with the arrow, but he didn't die! He was bloody, but he just stood there whistling as I took all the arrows and whatever I could hold, and when I got out side was when the assassins started talking...wierd

Junior Member
posted March 05, 1999 12:21 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Sloth   Click Here to Email Sloth     Edit Message
Heres something fun I just did in the Bonehoard. I was looking for the last 15 loot and realized i wasn't gonna find it so I decided to look for stuff that is easy to find. I collected all the zombie heads I could find and threw them in a big pile, check that, a big EVIL pile. I got 24 of them and managed to stack them up 12 high against the wall.

I still couldn't find that 15 loot though. Where the hell is it?

posted March 05, 1999 04:45 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Andman   Click Here to Email Andman     Edit Message
At the beginning of the level, there is a little tomb with a cup worth about 15 loot i think, When you start the level, turn left and you will see the little building.

Junior Member
posted March 05, 1999 04:01 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Sloth   Click Here to Email Sloth     Edit Message
Oh crap, I bet thats it. Only problem is I finished all the goals and when I step outside I get the end mission screen.

BTW, I now managed to stack 28 zombie heads on top of each other making a giant tower of zombie heads.

Sloth - Pushing envelope of zombie head stacking to incredible heights. 8^)

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