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     Through The Looking Glass has come a long way since its humble beginnings. We're now one of the largest and most popular non-professional fansite networks on the Net, and that's a great place to be. Though it's possibly the most overused statement in these sorts of things, it bears repeating: We couldn't have done this without you.

     Recently, however, we've had to cut back on a lot of our services. The popularity of the TTLG sites, combined with such things as Fan Mission Downloads, Jukeboxes, patches and demos, and a phenomenally active set of discussion forums, adds up to an awful lot of bandwidth. It was because of the increasing costs of keeping TTLG running at full strength that we had to (very reluctantly) suspend or move many of the resources we offer. But all that can change with your help.

     We have now set up a donation program (suggested by our members, surprisingly enough) which will allow us to receive money without having to resort to something as awful as membership fees or increasing the amount of advertising on our pages. It will also go a long way towards giving us the chance to re-enable file downloads and other services without having to worry so much about the costs of operating these sites. Any amount of donated money is greatly appreciated, and will all go directly into running and expanding TTLG. Our goal is to create the absolute best and brightest network of fansites ever seen, and with your help we can do just that.

     Clicking on the PayPal icon on this page will allow you to make a donation in complete privacy and security over the Internet. You'll need to set up an account for yourself first, unless you already have one, but that's free and very easy to do.

     Thank you very much for being a guest or a member of TTLG. Even if you can't donate at all, we honestly couldn't do what we do without your interest in us and in the wonderful games produced by Looking Glass.

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