No Screens Bloodstone Prision Walkthrough - by Kung Fu Gecko, mission author

    Q: How do I get into the prison?
  • Not by the front gate, that's for sure.
  • Rope arrow up the tree on the south west corner of the complex (the one with the light mushroom high up in the branches).
  • Use two rope arrows, it's pretty high.

    Q: How do I open the safe?

  • Read Bix's letter (scroll in dining room), the Warden's diary (lockpick your way into the bedroom at the north end), and Sebastin's letter (north bedroom on west end).
  • The Hammer ghost at the altar in the chapel is Sebastin, he won't notice or hurt you.
  • Sebastin mentions in his letter that when his candle goes out, he goes to the warden's safe to get more candles.
  • Pinch out (frob/use) or water arrow the candle flame.
  • Follow Sebastin's ghost to the safe, snatch the key while he opens it momentarily.

    Q: I went to the lower levels of Cell Block 1, now I can't get back up because the stairs are broken!

  • Swim around
  • Check the open cells.
  • Check a flooded cell.
  • Cell 12 has a hole in the wall leading to the boiler room. Climb the ladder, get the key from the pile of bones, go out the door.

    Q: Where's the diamond Bando's prison mate swallowed?

  • It's somewhere in cell block 1
  • Read the prisoner log behind the Haunt archer.
  • If the prisoner swallowed the diamond, how would he retrieve it?
  • The log says the prisoner in cell 5 is proccupied with sifting through his dung.
  • There's a hole in the floor of cell 5. - Swim into cell 9 and climb up the broken cell door into cell 5.

    Q: I'm in the dome with the torture devices and two haunts, how do I get out; the door's locked!

  • Read the note near the locked door.
  • The note suggests all personnel keep the key with them at all times. Are there any personnel in the room?
  • Check the body on the floor (you can stay in the shadows and still reach the key).

    Q: Now I'm past the dome, but I can't go anywhere because the double doors are locked!

  • Check the toilet room.
  • Jump down the toilet.

    Q: I'm stuck in the docks because the upstairs door is locked!

  • You need a key.
  • One of the haunts has the key.
  • Knock out the torch for enough shadow to sneak by.
  • Knock out torch, walk along thin ledge to the gate leading outside (you can't go out), crouch and slip into the water as quietly as possible, climb out the other side behind the broken boat, look at the haunts through the hole in the boat, go behind the haunts and steal the Bloodstone Key. (This key also opens the front door, the double doors from the admittance room, and the gate between north and south wings.)

    Q: Where's the stupid vault key?

  • Read the note near the vault.
  • Warden has the key in his office vault, and only warden and Sebastin can access it.
  • Warden won't get it for you, but Sebastin (Hammer ghost in the chapel) might.
  • See question "How do I open the safe" (above).

    Q: Hey, there's something over on the floor of cell block 2 but froggies are all over the place. How do I get to it?

  • Run past 'em or use broadheads for some target practice.

    Q: How do I kill the Jiggiwiddi (warden's ghost, a different looking apparition)?

  • Read the book near the holy hammer.
  • St. Judel killed a Jiggiwiddi with a holy hammer.
  • Throw the holy hammer at the Jiggiwiddi.
  • Watch out for the explosion! It fatally wounded St. Judel!

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