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The Docks Gold (version 1.1) - by Viper6

When the mission begins, follow the first guard to the left of the wall you start from, to the tavern. Open the door and walk in. The patrons are pretty drunk, and if you don't bother them, they won't bother you. Go behind the bar to the door, open it, snag the key from the guy in the room on his left side. Leave the cash until later. Get the water arrows out of the box, then leave. This is the key to the armory.

Open the Tavern door, be sure the patrolling guard is walking away from you heading right. Staying toward the water side, follow the guard to the far wall. He'll turn right, you go straight to the door. Use the key you just nabbed to open it. Close the door behind you or you'll be seen. Get your sword, blackjack, and 15 broadheads. There's a small spider there. Don't get close and it won't attack. Save your broadheads for later. Carefully open the door, be sure the guard is heading away from you. Run up behind him and whack him. Dispose of the body.

Notice two ladders in the water at dockside. If you get a guard chasing you, you can jump in the water. Watch until the guard gets tired of looking for you, climb back out. He'll return to his patrol. Follow him and whack him from behind. This may come in handy later.

In front of the dock where the boat is located is a round two story tower. Go in the door and sit tight. A guard will patrol inside. Whack him from behind. Then go upstairs. There's a guard looking out the window. Whack him from behind. To the right of the window is a blue case with a key. This key opens the safe on the boat. There are other goodies in the room.

Inside the warehouse across from the boat is a patrolling guard, and another inside a warehouse office. You'll need the fire arrow, and 10 more broadheads inside once you've disposed of the guards. A control pannel has two levers. The right one opens the crane gate outside. There's a surprise on the upstairs landing of the warehouse also.

Climb up the crane, nail the three guards on the boat deck, and get the one with the bow first.

As you go in the boat cabin, there's a key on the table. It opens an underwater hatch you can use to exit the boat if you want. (I just jumped off the side) On the lower deck are two guards you'll have to shoot or gas mine to get down the ladder, one of which has the key to open the door to the first room that the safe is in. (The second, you'll have to pick) (That's 4 keys) Hope you have some ammo and health points left. A sleeping guard wakes up quickly. Looking around the boat you'll find rope arrows. You'll need them.

(Note by Gonchong: For a more sneaky approach, grab the hatch key and dive back off the boat, and enter through the underwater hatch. You'll have a more subtle entrance than dropping down the ladder)

Once off the boat, a sailor (McFlannery, Numbnuts, or something like that)has a golden bone. He, and bone, and goodies, are in the right hand door on the rightmost wall of the warehouse. (Next to the crane.) That door will not open because this is another second story job!

Here's how you do it. His "late" buddy is (was) in the left door. Put the crate on the table against the back wall. Stand on the crate, take out your sword, and knock out the boards over the hole in the ceiling. Shoot a rope arrow into the hole, then climb up. There's a passageway. Go through the passageway. Down the hole in the ceiling at the other end is Numbnuts, his bone, and his loot. Drop the mine you got from the boat down the hole and wait. If it kills him outright, fine. If not, take your sword, raise it over your head, drop down the hole, and let Numbnuts have it. Grab the goodies. Under the table too. (You should have well over 1200 Crowns by now) Nope. The door won't open from the inside either. Go back the way you came with another rope arrow.

(Note by Gonchong: You can rob Keffley 'Numbnuts' cat burglar style by hanging on the rope and opening the chest, leaving him none the wiser! Though there is the temptation of that other loot...)

You should be able to calmly walk back to the dock you came from, jump into the water and the mission should end.

Want to have some more fun first? Go back to the Tavern. For one, you left some cash on the table. Blackjack any of the drunken patrons, and they're not so friendly anymore. The one with the barrel over his head comes after you with a broken bottle. Rough crowd! Could have sworn I heard motorcycle engines in the background as the game ended.

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