Review of "The Docks" or " All Aboard!" - by CEC UA.

All Aboard!, the first release from Gonchong, is a very well done level, one I found myself playing and replaying quite a few times, and will probably continue to do so. The design was par excellence, and sound was very well done. The player feels as if they are actually at some seaside port, with cargo rolling in off the ships. (I should know, 3 years in the US Navy). Objects in general were very well placed, with only a couple improperly floored ones. Loot was also well placed with the amount being nearly perfect. Poly's are fairly high, but it was only in certain, understandable locales. The negatives while not overwhelming, were of course obvious. Odd and sometimes seemingly incorrect use of textures, such as the blue tile, and black an white tile, AI, while generally well done became a bit annoying (at least in my opinion) with the gas and fire arrow shooting archers. The very obvious sea floating in space...While this is more an engine problem than that of the creator, it still could have been better done by use of visual illusions, or possibly make it an enclosed, gated harbor. All in all a very good level, and definitely worth the small time to download

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