Review of "Gathering at the Bar" - by Tony Hollming.

There's a convention in town, and most of the attendees spend the night at the Grieving Burrick Inn, along with the items they wish to put up for display. Among these items is Lord Bafford's sceptre, once stolen and sold by Garrett; soon to be stolen and sold by you. The map consists of only one building - the Inn - embedded in a few city streets.

Pros: Lots of different ways to enter the Inn. Ability to climb up the drain or down the chimney (but you're not bringing any presents). Windows that can be opened or broken (!), Very nice and believable level design, Good lighting, a little story to discover, some secrets, a few nice surprises, complicated guard patrol routes. Power can be cut. If you have to escape, you can flush yourself down the toilet...and finally, an INTRO! Apart from being the only custom made intro out there, it's quite good and almost reaches the quality of the original intros. 'Master Nightfall''s voice sounds a little young, though 8-) (Don't hit me, Daniel!)

Cons: The only thing that's negative about this thing is this: Wood. Too much wood. Every other building on the street is made of stone; only the Inn seems to be made completely out of wood and thus feels a little out of place. A few people wandering the streets at night would have been nice, too. And why isn't there any glass in the 2nd story windows? It makes no sense that they opened a window if there was no glass in it, anyway 8-) The glitches: When you touch the arrows stuck in the wall, you receive damage as if you were hit by them. From time to time doors vanish when you open them. The invisible 'ladder' on the drain is visible at times. Sometimes you can't see through the windows, which look poorly detailed with that two-bright-stripes-design, anyway (but they're great, nevertheless!)

My favorite custom map. Levels can't get any less linear (except if someone puts out a desert level) , and I like that. You have so many possibilities to explore the Inn that it fills me with sorrow that it is only 2 stories high. There could have been a few more of those atmospheric sounds, too. I hope more (and bigger) levels like this will come out, and can only agree with whoever gave this thing 2 silver hammers.

- Review by Daniel (Not Master Nightfall)

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