A room in the massive multi-leveled library

Shall we go in the... front door? Yes... we shall...

Some sort of confrence room or dining hall

The church, with your pize oh so close and yet so far...

I wonder how you go about getting a library card....

Review of "The Library" - by CEC UA.

The Library, Kung Fu Gecko's First entry into the player mission archive is a wild ride to say the least! A fun, challenging level where problems are almost nonexistant and inginuety runs rampant like a wild fire spreading across the savannah. Mission objectives were great, AI good, Architecture superb, textures well chosen, objects wonderful, and above all replay is high. Simply put, stop doing whatever your doing, (well finish reading this ;D ) and download it. The idea was extremely well done, and no question is left in the players mind as to what needs to be done. And for all you Sean Connery fans the library maze area is a great flashback to "The Name of the Rose" The library's only downfall may be difficulty. It was far too easy. Sneakers are in for a treat as this is the first player level toting the "level made for sneaking" badge that actually lives up to its name. The loot is good for level size, and in expert may take a while to find the needed amount. Books and other readables are written in a very hammerite fashion and are very fitting as to context and dialect. Only somewhat annoying glitch was the sleeping deaf servant...he wil stand up if you are loud, but continue snoring away, and 1 hammer frequently walks into a door, happily going nowhere, whistling away. This in no way made play a bore but does need fixing. Stand back trimfect, GATBar is in for a serious run for its money! (1.5 silver)

Review of "The Library" - by Tolen.

I like this one. The cloister looks great, with well done textures and lighting; although I often wished for a bit more shadow, but this only made it more challenging.
Getting the job done is very tricky, especially at the beginning, due to the amount of Hammers, lack of shadow and the surfaces you walk on - which is a good thing, don't get me wrong.
Ironically, the tower at the end (nice resemblance to one of my favorite movies 'The Name Of The Rose') is the easiest part, in my opinion.

Realistic and logical architecture. Nice textures and lighting. A few secrets. Atmospheric and well written texts (although there could have been more of them in the library)

Not very much loot. Walkways in the tower should rather have been stairs, but I guess that's on purpose due to polygon count. Only Hammers as enemies. The outsides at the beginning look a bit dull.

All in all this is a very enjoyable mission, and I reward its talented builder with 2 silver hammers.

- Tolen

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