Review of "Monastery of St. Fera" - by CEC UA.

The Monastery of St Fera, Goit's entry into the world of user levels, is an instant success. Goit managed to take the tools at hand and create an involving enviroment that was fun, in depth, and fairly expansive. AI happened to be some of the best ive seen, with good routes, good placement, and the guards look somewhat bored, which is good...i would be if i had to patrol like that. A few bugs however reside within the finite AI brain, as a couple walk endlessly into walls (or nothing) and one poor fella who resides in a kitchen, i klonked him on the 'ol noggin....he screamed and ran to a guard, who had also previously been klonked....once the poor guy gets there...*Slump* hes out like a light...unconscious after running to get help. while funny this is a definite bug which im hoping will be corrected as this level has to live up to its ability. Some poor object placement, like poorly floored and walled ones distract from the overall quality of this level. Level design however, was nearly flawless, with its only flaws being a couple misaligned brushes and a Slight Overemphasis on size...however if anyones ever been to a medievel church or cathedral, they will notice this is somewhat true for the real McCoy, so it's not totally unrealistic. The wonderful use of machinery and a brand new smelter was well done, but not overdone. Indiana Jones fans should enjoy this level as its got some fun parts that keep you guessing. Story...well...not really much of one honestly...a good story, if added to this level would definitely make it far more entertaining. If Goit decides to make a few bug fixes...we may have a winner, but for now, it runs parallel with other good levels that could be so much more... Still this is a fun, well thought out level that should not be passed up by anyone.

Review of "Monastery of St. Fera" - by Tolen.

Another Hammer level...yet an extremely good one.
Difficulty is fair. I played through it in Expert, which means it can't be that hard 8-)

Lots of different enemies. A few secrets. Three or four really nice locations. Fun!

The biggest con is the lack of detail. I don't know why people build huge rooms if they don't have enough stuff (or anything at all) to put in there? This map has too much big, essentially empty cubic rooms and courtyards which make the level seem dull at times.
It doesn't make much sense to go into the main room of the crypt except in Expert mode. One or two glitches.

All in all there isn't much new to this level except the various enemies at the end, but it is really good...hey, I'm quite busy and yet played through it twice, so that should say it all. Have fun.
One silver hammer. (Would have been two if not for the lack of detail)

- Tolen

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