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When grass consumes the stone floor, that's usually a bad thing...

See what happens when you drink too much 'shroom tea?

Review by: CEC UA

  • Mission Name: Payback!
  • Author: Tern
  • Mission Type: Hammerite / Monster
  • Map Size: Small
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

    Tern's first level, Payback! is a haunting journey through a jail/sanitarium. Using different models for some not so popular creatures Tern managed to bring the world of the insane totering over into the world of thief. The bright point in this level was the atmosphere: this level had it in spades, the only things keeping it from being astounding were some mostly minor things in the completeness area (stars outside the little guard room, making it seem a bit pointless...the annoying stairs) a few bugs are present, but nothing causing any major problems...only minor annoyances. All in all i had fun and enjoyed Payback! quite a bit, just make sure you turn off the lights..

    • Pros: great atmosphere and plot
    • Cons: minor bugs, rather plain architecture
    • Bottom Line: Scary!
      Mission Score (On a scale of 1-5 (5 is best)
    • Architecture: 1
    • Atmosphere: 3
    • Completeness: 1
    • Story: 1.5
      Extra Credit
    • Originality Bonus: 0 (servants with monster AI are kinda cool though)
    • WOW Bonus: 0
    • Rip-off Penalty: 0
    • YUCK Penalty: 0 (architechure is often dull, but never yuck)
    FINAL SCORE: 1.5
    Reviewers curve: n/a

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