Review of "Torben - The Traitor" - by Tony Kluever.

The guild has layed it upon you to assassinate a traitor named Torben, so after entering his residence through the well, you make your way past the many guards to show Torben the error of his ways.

Pros: Nice and professional level design. The guards are well placed, and there are a lot of good places to hide, especially since the lighting is very well done. Keys are shown with the door they fit to, e.g. Backdoor key. The loot is placed both realistic and balanced. You can play the level very sneaky or very messy or anything inbetween. The items you start with and find are just right to get the job done.

Cons: If it's Garrett, I don't like the mission objective of you having to assassinate somebody, but that's my opinion. There's only one difficulty setting. The level doesn't contain anything really new. No secrets. It's hard to get up the stairs from the cellar (glitch). The level is very linear (which doesn't HAVE to be a con, but anyway) I think the sounds are a little bit overdone (there's a sound effect when entering just about any room.)

All in all I like this little assassination bit very much; so much that I contacted Tony to do a level with him 8-) I played it 5 times so far and it was always fun. It's definitely in the silver hammer league, but since it isn't really big, it only gets one hammer from me. I think we can all look forward to more great maps by this author.

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