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The Treasury – Walkthrough by MaD-SaM

INTRODUCTION – This Walkthrough
Being the first Thief player to complete this mission, and Bryan having to go away for the week, he has asked me to write this walkthrough for you, as the mission is very hard… So here I go.
I recommend you play this mission on normal or hard as it lets you explore more without having to be careful about avoiding the guards. Before you go through this walk-through. I suggest that you do not use this walkthrough unless you are going to delete the mission because you can’t get any further. Its always good to look everywhere for the hidden surprises as not everything is covered in this walkthrough. Read all the books and look in every room. This is just a quick guide.
This walkthrough covers the mission through expert mode, so that means you won’t be killing anything and you’ll need to complete the mission fully by collecting a lot of gold.

START – The Shop
The best buy is usually 1 health potion, 1 gas arrow, 2 noise arrows, 2 water arrows and the rest on broad head arrows. This should provide you with the tools needed for the mission.

PART 1 - Entrance
You start the level having been helped over the gate by good old MaD-SaM. Yeah that’s me! Well if you read the readme it says I’m a petty thief. Landing at your feet, I say a few words to you. Listen and as soon as the sort conversation has finished turn around and head down what looks like a small alley. Coming to the end of this brings you to the front of the complex. Turn around and pick open the nearest door, enter and look around for some coin stacks and read the book. Leave the room and knock out the guard patrolling the front gate. He will not attack you if he sees you, only when you have hit him or you try and steal his bag of gold. When you’ve knocked him out get his money bag and open the next door. Watch out though because there’s a guard in there. What you need to do is wait until he is not facing the door, then run in and use your blackjack on the taffer. Now press the lever, which will bring down the drawbridge.
This gives you access to the keep, but there are 2 other ways to get in. 1) jump in the moat and there should be a water passage, this will lead you to the well inside. The other way is by opening the trap door, were people are hanged. This leads to a passageway inside, into one of the 4 towers.

PART 2 - Inside the Keep
Make you way over the drawbridge and admire the gears but don’t mess about too long because there’s a two-man patrol inside looking for you. What you need to do is wait in the dark until they walk past and then use your black jack on them both. Now you’re in the keep you need to find the power generator so you can light up the rooms around you. So head around the centre building until you find a door that opens to a small room with a generator and two switches in it. Press these two so that they are both down. Now the lights are on. WAHAY! Now head left when you leave to another room were the Sergeant is swaying due to the brew. Knock him out and pick the two foot lockers, which store some gold and the other a cucumber. Now pick the door. Go through the door to find a storage room. In here there’s a healing potion on the floor, a bottle of fine wine gathered with the bottles and a chest on the top shelf. You need the key! Well go back into the first room and look behind the banner near the bed. The key should be here. Now you have the key you can open the chest to find a ring and if you look through your inventory you have also picked up another key. Hmm sneaky!
This key opens the gate into the Cray Caves, which should lead you to the treasury. Now getting to the Cray Caves is another problem.
For extra health leave find the kitchen and there should be some fruit, take them as when eaten they give you 2 health points.

PART 3 - Getting to the Cave entrance
Now you have the key to the Cray Cave entrance gate. But you have to find it. If you look at the map the cave looks to be coming from one of the towers.  To find the tower entrance, just walk around until you see a door on a tower wall. Pick this door and go in up the steps. Watch out because there’s two guards. You can use your blackjack on them quickly and then drag them out of the way. Make you way around the towers until you come to the last one. Knock out all the men on the way, but watch out for the bow men. I suggest you use you water arrows in the towers and wait for them. There are three bowmen patrolling so watch out. Once you get to the last tower look down into the lower section of the tower were you would see 4 spiders and a portcullis. Stumble down the ladder, kill the spiders and use your found key on the portcullis. Now go down that ladder and you will be in the cave.

PART 4 – In the caves
Now you may need to save it a few times because the cave’s has many surprises inside that can lead to death. First of all you must notice that there’s a Cray patrol group consisting of 3-4 Craymen. You can easily avoid this patrol but if you get seen, I just suggest you’d run. First of all you need to find the Horn or Quintas. This is quit easy to find. Turn right as you enter the cave and then follow it around until you come to another junction. Here turn left to a sloping tunnel. Once at the end jump up and grab the Horn but quickly run back up to avoid the Bug Beast. Now you need to find the entrance to the treasury complex. But to do this you need to find a key that opens a door there. Now from were you are, go straight on until you come to a big junction do a 180 degree turn left into the other cave, this should lead down to another area. To get down here just keep running, Past the monkey man and to a ladder. Make sure you hit the floor panel before you descend the ladder because it opens the portcullis at the top. Now climb out to find a tomb type area.
  Now there’s a small puzzle, don’t walk to far forward or you will most likely fall down into a spiked pit as some of the floor panels fall. What you need to do is look at the skulls and hammers on the floor. This is the floor arrangement; a hammer is a safe step and the skulls are a falling panel. Now you need to rotate the image in your mind 90 degree’s, this is the floor layout, so make you way across. When you’re on the other side press the switch but hurry, it has made the moving wall move towards the wall in which you need to get across. So run over the plank to the other side to get the key. Now you have the key you need to find the Treasury entrance.
  Leave the area through the hole and back into the caves. Turn right and follow the path around to avoid the Cray patrol group. Now this should take you back the entrance to the cave. Go back the to the huge junction and find the cave that leads to a large hole in the ground, if you’ve fallen down it then don’t worry, your in the right place, its just you missed the gold nugget, which can be found when you jump over the hole. When your down here there is another hole in this flooded area, you can choose to go down here but it leads to death but also leads to the credits. If you don’t want to die find the cave that is Horizontal, there is only one. Make your way to this and mantel yourself up. Go through to find the treasury entrance. You will find a room at the end and a door. Use your key on the door and you’re in.

PART 5 - The Treasury
Once in press the button and then open the door to your left. The floating platform should be coming towards you. Once it’s stopped, walk on to it and get a broadhead arrow ready. Now you have to hit the right switch on the other side to make the platform go back across. Once across get into the lift and press the button inside. This will take you down. At the bottom there’s a room, open the door and knock out the hammer guard. Now there’s a few guards patrolling in here so look around the corners and wait until there’s no guards. When there are no guards run left, to the nearest room, which should be the kitchen. If you find it hard to get there without being seen then I suggest you use a noise arrow to distract the guards and make them go away. In here knock out the women; take the fruit in the pan on the cooker and the fine wine on the shelf. Leave using the other door that faces another door; go into the facing door that leads to a dining area. There’s some expensive cookery equipment here so collect it all. Once you’ve done this you need to make you way to the master bedroom. >From the dining room open the closed door and turn left, make sure no one sees you and run down the corridor which should take you to a door that needs to be picked. Pick it and enter. Welcome to the master bedroom.
  In here you need to do two things, first of all you need to open the safe. To do this go to the cabinet and look for the switch on the side of it. Press this and it will open, collect all the keys and read the book below the safe. Now use one of the keys to open the chest on the other side of the bed. This has a clue into what combination is needed to open to vault to the treasury. So study it. Check the bathroom out and mess around with the shower. When you’ve finished playing, leave and run back along the corridor, now turn left and enter to first door which should be a room with a giant hammer attached to the ceiling, this is the counting room. Use you noise arrow and you gas arrow to get here, hopefully without being seen. But it’s hard. In here there’s some staff working, just run past all them. Now pick up all the money off the two tables and get you vault door key ready. Now leave the room on the east side were there should be a door directly facing the one you have just opened, use your key on this door and jump in without being seen by a hammer. Shut the door, lock it and then save it.

PART 6 – The vault
Hmm, you’re so near to completing the level but there’s one big task in front of you. You need to enter the correct combination of numbers, first time, to gain access. Right, open the scroll that describes the vault code entry, It says "2:53Hrs. (Time for thought!)" Just enter the number 723, this is the correct code and should get you in. Once the vault door is open press the button that opens the town portcullises, You should be able to knock Lord FartInHale (The Hammer priest) out with you black jack without even him noticing.
  Now collect all that gold but don’t bother with the key, as you can’t pick it up because Lord FartInHale accidentally clued it to the shelf. Once you’ve got it all you should have more than 7000 gold. If you don’t, look around but watch out for the guards.
  Now you’ve got to get out!

PART 7 – Escaping the treasury
Getting out is not a problem, just run past everything and back to the way you came in. That’s the lift. Remember to use your key to reverse the Iron Way Controls, when done Get back in the lift and cross the garden high above on the platform. Once you’re back in that first room, use the door which was locked and use one of your many keys to open it. Now run down the very long passage to the Elevator. There should be two levers and a switch, press all of these,s the button brings down the elevator while the levers open both portcullises. Once the lift as stopped, get on and press the button inside to make it rise back up, If you didn’t press both of the levers then the portcullis at the top of the elevator is probably closed. When you’re out, head back to the area where you started the mission. That’s it, you have completed "The Treasury by Bryan Matthews"


If you are stuck on the mission then contact Bryan or the guy who wrote this, SaM.


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