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Welcome to the TTLG forums.

The discussion forums at Through the Looking Glass are where the entire TTLG Community, from Taffers to Shocklings to everyone else, congregates. We host forums for discussion of the Thief, System Shock, & Deus Ex series, as well as various other games that capture our eye, such as BioShock, Dark Messiah and Oblivion. We also offer general gaming, off-topic discussion, technical support, and hosted project forums (such as Thievery UT, T2x, and The Cassandra Project).

First and foremost, TTLG is a community. And although we run a relatively looser rule structure than many other discussion forums, there are certain rules which we enforce in order to provide the most enjoyable atmosphere that we can.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our posting regulations, and understand that we also rely on YOU to help us keep this community friendly and enjoyable. This means that not only do the rest of the members expect you to follow these guidelines in your own posts, the administrators and moderators should be contacted via email or private message if you feel that another member's post has violated these rules to such a degree that you would like to bring it to our attention.

All reported posts will be judged without prejudice.

Privacy Policy

General Overview

Data collected on the TTLG site and forums as described below is limited to essential data required to ensure an effective site and forum for the community. We will not use your information to send you marketing or promotional information or share it with third parties.
Please note that it is your responsiblity for whether you disclose other personal information through your choice of username or material you make available in public posts on this system.

What data is collected?

The essential personally identifiable data is collected for the following purposes:

  • IP addresses: These are collected to allow us to protect against spam, fake accounts and ensure firewall measures can be put in place in the event of an attack.
  • Email addresses: We need these as a contact point to allow you to recover a lost password, verify your account, be notified of forum updates if you so select and, if the forum is feeling in a good mood, send you a Birthday greeting once a year
  • Date of birth: We use this in line with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA). As a site which contains mature content we require parental or guardian consent before its use by children under 13 years old.
  • Cookies: Cookies are used to allow you to log in automatically to the forum and to participate in community voting. They are not used to track your activity to third party sites.
Any other information you provide (e.g. location, occupation) is not mandatory for use of the forum and, as with the information above is not used or processed outside of TTLG.

How long is data stored?

Any data associated with your account is kept as long as you maintain an active account on TTLG.

Data removal

If you wish to terminate your account and remove any associated data of the types listed above then please contact us at the following link: Contact Us. Please note once this is confirmed this will remove your ability to use the forum under the associated username. Also note that your public username and posts will not be removed by this action.

Contacting us

If you have any further concerns or wish to contact us on any other matter then please use the Contact Us service or send a personal message to one of the forum administrators or moderators and we will assist as quickly as possible.