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Thread: Mind Control's Latest

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    Mind Control's Latest

    From the TTLG news section:

    <a href=>Mind Control Software</a>, i.e. Andrew Leker and Marc LeBlanc, are having their game <a href=>Oasis</a> promoted on <a href=</a></a>. I did the free trial of the game, which allows you to play for 60 minutes, and managed to use them all up consecutively, i.e. once I started, I kept playing for an hour. For me, thatís impressive. Discerning fans of puzzle games may want to give their Egyptian-themed product a look.

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    I have to say, I think Oasis is an excellent game. It's like a lite version of Civilization, except it's really like Minesweeper, except it's really just the opposite. You'll know what I mean when you play it.

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    I tried out the Oasis beta many months ago and it's a nifty wee game. I decided it wasn't quite for me at the time, but I'll definitely give the new demo a try.

    edit: Stupidity Alert!! will only show you the demo download button if you have javascript enabled. You can probably go <a href="">directly to here</a> to get it, though.
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    I also beta tested it a bit. Definitely a fun one.

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    Well they've certainly spruced it up in the intervening period (although I see that I last downloaded a beta version nearly eleven months ago, so it's perhaps not surprising :)

    It plays as well as ever (I too just played it for an hour non-stop), so I hope lots of you give this a try.

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    It's definitely entertaining and addictive in an almost popcap games sort of way, but I really couldn't see myself actually buying the game.

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    They were actually very close to publishing with Popcap. At one point the game was even ported over to their libraries.

    Not sure what happened that they didn't go that route.

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    What a crappy way of advertising a game. Where are the screenshots, detailed info etc.? Only 3 lines of "Play it in the minutes, not in hours"....

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    OK, I added some screenshots to

    We kinda figured that downloading the free trial was the best way to decide whether you liked the game.

    - MAHK

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    Ah, but Mahk, that's expecting effort from folks! A sales no-no, I'm sure.

    The screenshots do give a better impression of the overall format of the game.

    Also, I'll note that the bigger issue is how the game's distributors are advertising it, since people are far more likely to see it at Shockwave or Yahoo than at (you kind of already have to have heard of the game to go there). And they did in fact put more effort into their layouts.

    I see it's up to #4 on Yahoo's top downloadable games at the moment, by the way.

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    Effort from those you want to get money from? That's kinda backwards.

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    I've finally gotten around to playing this and it's very compelling. I managed to finish the trial game before my trial time ran out, but it left me wanting more. Good show MAHK & crew!

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    Wow, was I surprised to see the screen name EvilSpirit... again in this post! What's with the "new member" stuff though?

    Sorry to get a lil off topic here - but, it was sure great to see you back posting again in here - and I would also love to have you update all of us on what you're currently involved with.....

    Also, mega-congratulations Marc and Andrew on the game and I look forward to some cool afternoon gameplay today....

    edit: I found a link to a workshop conference you recently gave that also discusses your current projects. I didn't know however that you were a MIT graduate. I had a friend going for a math scholarship at MIT and he showed me some of the curriculum and work studies, and I immediately realized there could be no way I would have gotten through it....

    I would also however be curious to hear about being project leader for the porting (if that's the correct terminology) of Doom 3 over to XBOX and how that went (especially the co-op mode development).....
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    I hate demos with a time/turn limit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrettwannabe
    I didn't know however that you were a MIT graduate.
    There was certainly no shortage of MIT grads at Looking Glass :)
    Quote Originally Posted by Renegen
    I hate demos with a time/turn limit.
    Um, well if you offer all the gameplay of the full version (as the Oasis demo does) and you don't put some kind of limitation of it, you've just given away the full game.

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    I'm just stating a personal opinion, you know market research and such. If a demo has time limit I'm not even downloading it, I want to be left alone to search every nook and crany and explore the demo to its fullest. In case of strategy games, play the scenario multiple times and do things differently. Sometimes it's hard for strategy games with no levels, but I'm sure someone has thought of something for those kind of games...

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    Yes, they produce scenario-based demos, which often annoy me even more than time-limited ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew
    Yes, they produce scenario-based demos, which often annoy me even more than time-limited ones.
    I don't know how a scenario can be called "annoying", you have to realize that a demo has to have limitations, but to each their own opinions, as interesting as they are...

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