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Thread: Two DM Gameplay Vids

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    Haha, nice! It's all first-person then... not a bad thing, but certainly interesting. Most if not all action games with melee emphasis have been third person games. Gore-y too, I just hope the impale-and-kick move doesn't get too repetitive. Overall, very impressive.

    And I could swear the goblin sounds were directly from Arx.

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    Um.. wow. These are nice. The combat looks good and thick.

    A shame idiot sites like IGN do that low-res-stream-but-you-can-join-now-to-download-or-pay-for-high-res bullshit. Oh well, before long it'll be hosted elsewhere. Makes me wonder why pubs and devs would allow viewing of their game to be reduced to 320X180 resolution by 99% of gamers. How much money do they get for exclusives?

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    At the end of the first video when the gate came down on the creature I had a flashback to Soul Reaver.
    It might be interesting to you guys and it might not, but someone at a different forum I peruse was all upset that the new M&M game would be just a bunch of stupid fighting from a first person perspective with no roleplaying, but then other people pointed out that M&M had pretty much always been that way.

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    Raaaa! On one of the ign videos at 49 seconds - did you see it? First person melee looking niiiiiiice. Isn't Purah working on this too?

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    Good stuff. I hope they can come up with all kinds of creative uses for the spells. BURNINATION!

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