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Thread: Sigil Stone powers

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    Sigil Stone powers

    Sigil Stones come in various predefined combinations. The combination you get is decided at the time you pick it up, so if you want to cheese make a quicksave just before you pick the stone and reload until you get the desired variation. They are equally rare as far as I've seen, there are 30 versions so you may have to reload a lot to get the one you want.

    Absorb Agility - Fortify Agility
    Absorb Endurance - Resist Disease
    Absorb Fatigue - Fortify Fatigue
    Absorb Health - Fortify Health
    Absorb Intelligence - Fortify Intelligence
    Absorb Magicka - Fortify Magicka
    Absorb Speed - Fortify Speed
    Absorb Strength - Fortify Strength
    Burden - Feather
    Damage Fatigue - Fortify Fatigue
    Damage Health - Fortify Health
    Damage Magicka - Fortify Magicka
    Demoralize - Fortify Willpower
    Disintegrate Armor - Shield
    Dispel - Spell Absorption
    Disintegrate Weapon - Blade
    Disintegrate Weapon - Blunt
    Fire Damage - Fire Shield
    Fire Damage - Light
    Fire Damage - Resist Fire
    Frost Damage - Frost Shield
    Frost Damage - Resist Frost
    Frost Damage - Water Walk
    Shock Damage - Night Eye
    Shock Damage - Resist Shock
    Shock Damage - Shock Shield
    Silence - Chameleon
    Silence - Resist Magic
    Soul Trap - Resist Magic
    Turn Undead - Detect Life

    Sigil Stones come in five different power levels, the power level of a stone is based on your level when you pick it up. From weakest to strongest the power levels are:

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    "If you want to cheese" ? Is this some slang form of cheat I don't know about?

    Good job though. I was wondering when someone would post something like this

    Now I just have to wonder whether I should sticky this and the Daedric Shrine quests or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RyushiBlade
    "If you want to cheese" ? Is this some slang form of cheat I don't know about?
    It's no more a cheat than reloading your game several times because you can't manage a certain fight. It isn't within the spirit of the game, however.

    Now I just have to wonder whether I should sticky this and the Daedric Shrine quests or not.
    I think it would be better to make a Guide sticky and link the guides there. You should be able to keep the sticky list a lot less cluttered that way, especially as new guides show up.

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    What determines whether you get an Ascendent, Subjacent, etc.? Can you tell when you enter the Oblivion gate? Is it simply the larger, harder the Oblivion world the more powerful stone you get? Or do the permanent city gates get one thing, while random ones get another? Perhaps the number of gates the Oblivion world links to?

    And I agree. Instead of stickying the post in its entirety can you just maintain a list of links to useful posts? The stickies aren't crowded now, but maybe they will be.

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    I'd say your level is all that affects their 'size'.

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    Works for me.

    I only remember getting something less than a Transcendant once, on my first oblivion gate. That was when I was around level 8, I think? I'd say you get Transcendants around level 18.
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    I have only found one descendent, one ascendent, and 12 transcendents, Never heard of the other 2. I DID realize quickly that their relative strength is based on your level, though.

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    The odds of getting them are most certainly not the same.

    For example, getting feather, +blunt and night eye are extremely rare for me, but getting shock resist and fortify magicka are common.

    Perhaps it's different for others, but in my experience of picking up around 200 stones, it's not evenly random.

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    Hmm, from Kvatch's sigil stone to Anvil's sigil stone, I've only ever got Latent. And thats between quite a few levels, about 4 to 11.

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    After looking through the CS, there's no hint of any Sigil Stone type being rarer or more common than the others. In fact, they should have the excact same chance of being given. If you feel it works otherwise I'd say it's either a quirk of the random number generator used or user observation error.

    If you're using constant reloading to get the type you want, then you won't notice those in between unless you're actively taking notes. There's a ~3.3% chance of getting the type you want. That doesn't mean you're guaranteed to get it after 30 tries, you're not even guaranteed to get it after 60 or 100. Though after 100 tries you only have about ~3.3% chance of not having gotten the type you wanted at some point.

    The levels of the Sigil Stones are (according to the CS):

    1-4 Descendent
    5-8 Subjacent
    9-12 Latent
    13-16 Ascendent
    17+ Transcendent

    Interesting note, alchemy equipment has the same level distinction for their drop tables (Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert and Master).

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