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Thread: Thief: The Chain Project discussion

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    Thief: The Chain Project discussion

    First for any newbies I'll let Slyfoxx explain it

    January 21,2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Slyfoxx
    A few of us have hit upon the idea of doing a silly "chain" mission.

    see thread ...

    The concept is simple. Whoever is next in line takes the .zip file, adds what they like and sends it on. It doesn't have to be pretty or make sence. It just has to work. It also has to be done quickly. No sitting on the file for days on end. Just try to figure out when you might have 30-90 minutes or whatever...try to "get in line" around that time, do your thing and pass it on.
    Since I started this project and have been generally in charge of the whole FM I would like to know what the community has to say at this point. Anyone have any ideas of what they would like to see done or what should be going on right now. Actually the main question I have is does the community as a whole think its taking too long? I can understand authors wanting thier FM "shipped", but this isnt exactly their FM, but then again it is their FM
    Heres the current list of contributors

    John Denison
    Vlad Midnight (twice)
    Flecha Das Sombras (twice)
    TF (twice)
    Random_taffer (in progress)
    nicked (next)

    Ill contact all of the above for beta testing whenever we get to that point. I personally think that if the .mis file can take more objects/optimize/path find/room database and theres more in line that it may as well keep going.
    While im at it, anyone want to join? But only if we agree to let it keep going.

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    I think you should keep getting some contributions, but give them a short time to get their part finished, or it'll take forever! They should have it for about a week then it's onto the next taffer.

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    It'd be nice if it came out in the not-too-distant future at least for me because I actually like the bit I contributed, and I will feel good to know I've finally "released" something to the community so everyone can see it and have some idea of my style. But I don't want to stop anyone else that wants to contribute, of course.

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    It's getting a little stale. No?

    I think you should set a definite date to finish. Whether that is a week or 6 weeks doesn't matter. Set a date, tell everyone and stick to it!!!!

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    Speaking from an FM players point of view I dont know how valid my opinions are. I have been really interested in this project and still pop by now and again to check for FM updates.
    Personally I think a date should be set. I think it may be better to maybe make a chain project part 2 rather than having a continuous list which may make the project stagnate and have people loose interest.
    Either way I still really appreciate every FM so its honestly up to the FM makers, its still cool whichever

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    It's my turn right now. I've been a bit slow due to RL. Right now I'm just finishing up adding in the AI and story. It should be finished by this coming weekend.

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    I think future such projects should probably have people sign up for a slot before it ever begins so the number of contributors is known, and the director should set a schedule with time allotted to each contributor, like a max of two weeks each perhaps. If someone can't get it done by their deadline, then it goes in its previous form to the next person in line and the one who missed the deadline gets one more chance, at the end of the sequence. Hopefully then if only a few people miss their deadline then the whole project won't drag on for months and years.

    Just my 0.02...

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    If this project has actually been going on since January of 2005, I'd say it's time to release it, or at least pick a date in the very new future. A new similar project can always be started if need be.

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    I WILL be done by this weekend. I'll pass it to nicked either way. I guess I was a little confused about the rules of this thing. I was told that I could take my time so that's what I was doing. The chain project was put on hold for me during the ssr contest. It WILL be going to nicked this weekend and he works fast so unless there is no other interest it should be released fairly soon...
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    I've been waiting for this one for a while. It's a great idea, but I think nicked should be the last author. As others have stated a second chain project can be started after this if more people are interested.

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    Pass it back to me first, the last time if went straight to the next author there were a few problems. Well just missing objects and the gamesys was wrong. Was going to see if I can fix the crash to desktop before pass as well, may need help with that error since I've never experianced it myself.
    Bug free/complete zip was the general idea before every pass.

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    phew, got in there just in time then!

    I'll look forward to getting a PM this weekend! Cheers. I'm happy to send it to anyone else who wants a go after I've worked on it, or be the last author - whatever!

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    Would that be just in the nicked of time

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    nicked just make sure you use up all available resourses (ie objects, lights etc) so then noone else can add to it and the problem is resolved!!!!!

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    hmm, except that that would probably take me so long it wouldn't make any difference anyway!

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    Can I get an update on where this now is please? Random_taffer, have you passed it to Vlad Midnight, and Vlad Midnight, if you have it, how long do you think the bug fixes are likely to take?

    No rush, I'd just like to know when I can expect to receive it so I can work out a schedule to do it in.


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    Just got it this morning, Ill pass when its ready.

    Good Work, Random_taffer. You basically made an entire small contest mission out of your section.
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    Yeah thanks, I would have liked to refine it a bit before releasing it but this thing needs to get a move on. I kind of rushed the end and made it insanely spontaneous but it's supposed to be weird right?

    My section should not be remotely hard to get through. I spent more time on achitecture and building than gameplay. One of my weaknesses... But it should be pleasant to look at in places....

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    cool, I look forward to getting it, even just to play through and see what everyone else has done. Adding my own bit'll be an honour.

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