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Thread: CoSaS Release Pack 8 - Folded Clothes

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    CoSaS Release Pack 8 - Folded Clothes

    This is just a quick one to get me back into the swing of things. A request came in for clothes, and I had 'em, so here they are. None of these were actually used as objects in the game, but always as combinations... amusingly I usually stuck a hanger in them and pretended they were hanging clothes too, and even though it looked silly, it was better than having empty closets and actually modeling each piece of clothing was out of the question (we did two... that was enough). They're all just the old folded clothes object from T1 retextured. It's not much to look at, so I just posted a folder thumbnails view of a small selection of the textures.

    Download - Folded Clothes!

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    Thank you.

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