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Thread: BioShock 2 podcast at Cult of Rapture

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    BioShock 2 podcast at Cult of Rapture

    2KElizabeth has started the podcasts again at the Cult of Rapture site. The new episode features Jordan Thomas, Creative Director at 2K Marin, and Hogarth De La Plante, Lead Environment Artist at 2K Marin.

    Nothing particularly new past the magazine and trailer info that we know already, but it's interesting to hear the game introduced by the devs themselves, and there's a transcript if you just want to skim the interview.

    Hoagy: Just the idea that we knew it was going to be awesome to come back to R, but how do we make sure that that is going to be really awesome for an audience whoís already been there. So, that was, for me, working on the environment, thatís been my primary challenge. I think weíre doing a great job of making it fresh and mysterious and awesome again. I think there are some thematic hallmarks of the BS title. You know, itís interesting, working with a different creative director this time around, itís interesting to see what Jordan pulls out of the world of BS, that he fixates on as the interesting things as opposed to Ken who we worked on it with the last time around, so there is still the background and backdrop of the Objectivist utopia that was what Ken thought was so fascinating about that world. But now weíve got that in the background, and Jordanís adding on top of that the things that he thinks are interesting about the characters and the world, and what ADAM does to them, and the power struggles that happen. I think itís just really interesting for me working on it to build on it that way.

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    More 2K Marin interviews over at Gamespot, a behind the scenes look at the studio and the developers. No real glimpses of the game unfortunately, other than a few shots of people working on models and levels.

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