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Thread: No-bonfire run

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    No-bonfire run

    Has anyone tried this yet? Initially I wanted to simply do a playthrough on NG where I summoned no one, since I needed help for a lot of the bosses in my initial game. But then I heard you get a fancy ring if you complete the game without resting at a bonfire, and I thought I'd make it interesting.

    So with no bonfires, you have to contend with:

    • inability to repair weapons, which means you have to sometimes use weapons that aren't very good or else stockpile the weapons you like
    • no estus refills unless you die
    • no estus strengthening
    • no spell attuning
    • no ability to warp, obviously

    So far I'm loving it; it makes Dark Souls feel a lot more tense, more about survival. For instance, after you enter Earthen Peak, you can't buy weapons or level up until after you've killed the Old Iron King and used the primal bonfire. There's a lot more journeying involved, and I often find myself having to improvise with unfamiliar gear because I've run out of my usual stuff. Overall it's not quite as big of a challenge as I was expecting, but after finishing NG+, it feels like exactly the level of difficulty I'm craving. If you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it.

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    And if you die, you spawn back at Majula (because it would be unwise to light bonfires en route), and then you have to walk all the way back to where you died. Not mention the later parts of the game: Velstadt would be the most fun - you either lit the crossroads bonfire in which case you'd have to walk all the way to the Crypt again if you die, or you lit the one before Velstadt, in which case you have to walk all the way back to the crossroads if you win. It wouldn't be significantly more difficult, but it would possibly take a LOT more time.

    I considered it, but ultimately decided that it would just be a colossal waste of time.

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    I don't know if I'd call it a colossal waste of time, since it's an interesting way to add challenge to the game. But I think it's a little too hardcore for me.

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    I light bonfires along the way as checkpoints, but I have to consider it before I commit, otherwise I could end up stuck somewhere I don't want to be. That part hasn't been difficult; I just light bonfires according to where I think I'll die the most. I do have to backtrack occasionally, but that's part of the fun. It hasn't been tedious at all yet.

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    Still going strong! I managed to beat the Smelter Demon and Old Iron King into pulp with my trusty +5 club, which opened the Primal Bonfire so I could finally get back to Majula and restock. Between the club and a +6 Heide Knight sword I've been able to take care of most everything, and I have a few lesser clubs as backup. Strike weapons have proved very effective against everyone except The Rotten, but he didn't prove too hard with the sword. Playing the game this way has made me a lot more aware of each boss's strengths and weaknesses; I didn't even really pay attention to the strike/thrust/slash property when I first played, but I'm realizing now how much of a difference it can make.

    Now I'm ready to storm the castle. I cheesed a lot of the boss fights the first time through by summoning as much help as I could find, but there hasn't been a single boss so far who's proved overly difficult.

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    I did it! I got the Ring of Invsible Right-Hand Weapon.

    The worst part in the whole playthrough was trekking back through the Amana shrine after beating the Demon of Song, but otherwise I found this whole playthrough surprisingly easy. I guess it helped that I'd already completed NG+ beforehand. I've now beaten every non-DLC boss solo except for the gargoyles, so I guess my honour demands I go there next. I finished at level 101, and my main weapons were a +7 large club, +7 Heide Knight Sword, and, near the end, a +10 Red Iron Twinblade, which makes short work of just about everything.

    I was thinking about trying a no-death playthrough, but I that would probably take more time than I have left in my life.

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    Which would make it a one death play-through.

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    Exactly. Watching some of these Youtube guys do their speedruns it becomes clear that they have to spend hours on every single boss, just practicing the dodges. In the end they make it look easy, but I know it would take an inordinate amount of time, and I'm not certain that at the end of it all I would be particularly proud of my myself. I feel like it would only be...

    ...a hollow achievement.

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