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Thread: Titan Quest: Ragnarok

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    Titan Quest: Ragnarok

    As a complete and utter surprise, THQ have published an expansion for Titan Quest 11 years after the release of the original. While I loved Titan Quest and its only other expansion, I am not sure how well the game has aged since I haven't played it in years; they claim to have added some graphical and gameplay enhancements to Ragnarok however. It's also been developed by a different studio this time so it will be interesting to see if they have retained the same vibe. Has anyone here played this yet?

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    I replayed TQ when they released the Anniversary Edition since I had never completed the expansion content before, and personally I feel like there's a whole lot of better ARPGs out there these days. In my opinion it has not aged that well mechanically, nor does it provide a decent sense of feedback when attacking or using skills as there's almost no difference whether you're massively overkilling something or barely scratching it.

    I have not tried the new expansion and I may change my mind if they've significantly updated those two issues.

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    Whoa. Love the idea of an old game like this getting a new expansion. Hopefully this is financially successful and other developers take note. Never played Titan Quest, mostly because I've never gotten tired of Diablo 2 after all these years.

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    I had a play a few years ago and got bored. Quickly moved onto other games.

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    Ah, the Anniversary Edition was a surprise, and the ongoing support for it even more so (it has been a regular entry in my GOG updates), but a new expansion makes sense in this context.

    I still haven't played the game, but I love seeing old games getting long-term support, so good luck to them...

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