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Thread: 1000 clues that you have been playing thief way to much ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sycamoyr View Post
    I tried to read the first 1000, then I settled for reading them every once in awhile for laughs.
    Haha, yeah, I started reading it and after 1000 and the sheer number of so many more remaining pages I just gave up reading all of them and just glanced over them quickly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sycamoyr View Post
    I sat next to an air vent in a lobby once, totally looked like I could have fit inside... so tempted!
    I know right? I also find myself sometimes wondering if I would fit in, when I see one.

    #3607: You're in the process of creating your own religion called Tafferism. Recruiting new members will include going from door to door and handing out little blackjacks and Hoods to the children... 'Tis early practice only makes the master.

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    Let's resurrect this..

    #3608: Those days when you lose faith in humanity, you start referring to people as 'manflesh'

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    I'll join you in the thread necromancy with:

    #3609: On a still day you walk in and out of all the doors to a building trying to get the outside wind noises to "trigger".

    #3610: When you use your key on all the doors to your house it disappears.

    #3611: When you sneak into a building late at night you sometimes leave doors open because you don't think anyone will notice them.

    #3612: Whenever you walk by a holy water font in a church you imagine frobbing it and hearing the holy-water sound.

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    # 3613: When you are disappointed by the modern day church and you suddenly decide to become a Hammerite

    # 3614: When you buy a real (= sharp) sword because you could need it some day

    #3614a): When you try to carry your sword concealed like Garrett does but you fail in your attempt

    #3615: When you periodically freak out in Minecraft, because chickens are making the same ticking walking noises as spiders do in the Thief-Universe (Yes, this scares me in Minecraft everytime )

    #3616: when you provisionally blackjack your girlfriend after breaking in you own house because she might alert the guards

    #3617: When you enter the purgatory after your phisical death and god grants you acess to heaven if you are able to solve all Elevator Missions by your own but you decide to go to hell instead, because you know how hard and frustrating these missions are

    #3618: When your girl crush wants you to pay for the restaurant bill and you quickly frob her wallet in an unnoticed moment

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    #3619 When you see a spider and you go from Alert Stage 1 to 3.

    #3620 When you're home alone and your family's away, you patrol the house like a guard, grumbling "when are they gonna bring me my dinner..."

    #3621 When you're swordfighting and you end up mimicking the sword guard's movements.

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    #3622: You set all your passcodes to variations on "0451".

    #3623: When you step outside at night, you hear "that sound".

    #3624: You start to consider the merits of real life crate stacking.

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    #3625: You always crouch to get off of a ladder.

    #3626: You have a long medical history of injuries resulting from ladder falls.

    #3627: Occasionally when you see a structure that goes to your chest-height you smile wryly as you consider mantling it. When you try to mantle it and fail people look at you strangely and you walk away with your head bowed, red with shame.

    #3628: You can recite the bear-pits conversation on command. In fact, at every get together a friend or family-member begs you to do it.

    #3629: You plan on naming all your kids after Thief characters, but then realize because you spend so much time playing Thief you're never going to have any kids (or get married...or go on a date...or have a life...).

    #3630: When you travel to Boston the first landmark you want to see is where the Looking Glass offices were.

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    #3631: You played Thief instead of celebrating Independence Day.

    #3632: Actually, you celebrated Independence Day in Thief using mines, fire arrows and least - but not last - a Sunburst Device. You also used all of your water and gas arrows for nice fireworks by shooting them at the skybox.

    #3633: When you are playing the Cragscleft Prison mission you notice a possible place to climb out of the mines (right after entering the mines in the first room - a bright spot to the left). So you collect all the crates in the mines, stack them up high and you notice there is really a well - lit rightangular room up there. But all of a sudden your mission fails because you had to go through the mines, not over.

    You wonder if the mission wouldn't fail if you make your way up to the prison, letting said objective tick off and head back to the mines...

    #3634: You are able to enter the Alarus Extension without additional help. Yes, it is possible! First, mantle onto the wooden beam, jump to the broken stone ceiling, duck and jump from ducked position to the hole into the wall. Congratulations, you did it! Now jump down the pit! Sadly, there isn't much there...

    #3635: When you smuggle a bow into the police academy. After firing guns (and missing horribly on your first attempt - yes, it is really hard!) you suddenly take out your bow in frustration. Now your aim is extraordinary well. You somehow make it to a SWAT - team precision shooter because of your incredible shooting abilities and you will be remembered in history as the SWAT - guy who prefered the bow over the rifle.

    #3636: No one of the other cops registered you were carrying a bow and a quiver full of arrows all the time until you pulled it out at the shooting gallery.

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    #3637 When you get a letter telling you you're fired because no one ever see's you at work, despite everything getting done and your timecards saying you were there

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    Quote Originally Posted by twhalen2600 View Post
    #3611: When you sneak into a building late at night you sometimes leave doors open because you don't think anyone will notice them.
    I have the opposite issue.

    #3638. When you see a door that's been left open, and you want to walk over to it and close it to help performance and just in case somebody walks by.

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    #3639 The series has made such an impression on you, you come back to this thread 18 years later.

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    #3640 Your family is getting concerned because you keep buying thief equipment such as crowbars
    #3641 You want to learn thieves' cant and hobo signs
    #3642 You once got in trouble at school because you lent your lockpicks and questionable literature to a fellow student
    #3643 You start reading /r/shoplifting

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    #3644 You start making a video game that rips-off takes inspiration from Thief.

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    #3645 you carve gylphs into your body

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    #3646 When picking a public locker you automatically seek out the one with number 451.
    #3647 Your contributions to this thread are from your actual real life.

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    You go to pick up an apple off a table but find yourself taking a drink of the coffee you are holding instead.

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    #3648 you call someone a taffer and mean it

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    #3649: You force your current husband to undergo an operation to look more like Garrett, but the operation goes terribly wrong and your husband dies on the table, so you instead marry a life-sized cut-out of Garrett. When your parents hear what you have done, they denounce you as their daughter and join a Black Metal sex-cult. Your kids become corporate lawyers hired by ATLUS just to spite you, and your dog starts cross-dressing as a cat. None of this concerns you, though.

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    #3650: You post in a thread that talks about signs you have been playing Thief too long.

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    #3651: you make a customized profile pic about thief for this board

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    Um, I just wanted to say that I still look for the places with the best shadows when I'm out and about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jilly The Taffer View Post

    You're obsessed with Thief so much that you make your fiance dress up as Garrett and force him to make Thief-inspired videos?
    May I see these videos? For taffering purposes, of course.

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    #3652: You know every developer who ever worked on the games, their full names, have made contact with them, know their hobbies and the specific dates of every important event that has happened in their lives.

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    #3653 You have restraining orders from every developer who ever worked on the games, and are not allowed within 50 feet of them.

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    #3654 To spice things up in the bedroom, you start making bugbeast lip-smacking and whistling noises

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