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Thread: Authors: What are you most proud of?

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    @ uncadonego

    I agree with Squad when he says he is sad you feel this way about your missions, but having played most of your missions what I am hugely impressed with, is your constant attempts to make something different. It's possible to find a style of Droming, a look of the mission that works and then carry on making mission in that same style. Yes we the players are rewarded with mission after mission that is just fabulous in looks and gameplay and those authors tend to get lauded time after time (Skacky, Melan, Christine, etc) but at the risk of being shot down in flames these authors are playing safe by releasing new missions in a style of looks that they know work, and are appreciated.

    But you try different things in every mission you make. Some things work, others can be frustrating because you have tried too hard to make the mission as difficult as you could (Mixed Messages comes to mind) but you have made some great missions, both mansion and city FM's and you do your upmost to hide things as well as is possible, which makes us explorers adore your missions (even if we have to cheat) as we have to crawl over every pixel or order to find what we are looking for.

    I/we can't make you proud of your work, only you can do that, but what you can do is take pride that you have given so much pleasure, to so many people, for so many years.

    So thank you, and please carry on Droming.

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    Uncadonego, I really enjoyed your missions too. I think you are not giving yourself enough credit.
    And thanks for the idea of the "no pressure" contest!

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    Like uncadonego, I also don't really like the missions that I've made. Sometimes I feel that I might completely loathe them and I can't stand looking at them All I see is failure I feel that both missions I've made have failed in achieving 'my vision,' as absolutely pretentious as that sounds. And I resist being like George Lucas and releasing new updates or fixes for them, even if I have newer versions of them on my hard-drive. This is especially true of Zealot's Hollow. The errors in that mission annoy the hell out of me, but for whatever reason, I want players to experience the mission as it was when it was released during its original contest run.

    What've You Found Little Fly: since this too was originally a contest mission and based on the first level of Thief 2, the idea was to do something totally different and turn the level more into an adventure game. Players would be most familiar and tired of that level, so I tried to transform it and make new pathways and surprises as much as possible. I'm proud here of how much I learned while working on this and actually programming all the puzzles. But as far as gameplay I don't think it was the right direction to go. It become too non-thief.

    Zealot's Hollow: the goal here was simply to make a 64-cubed space contain as much gameplay as I could realistically fit inside it. With little nooks and secret rooms everywhere. But it may've been too confusing overall, especially with the Newdark mantling, allowing players to access the map so freely. It was meant to be a little more linear than it ended up being. Because of the size of the space, the enemies also tended to hear Garrett more than I wanted them to, making some enemies quite difficult to get around, which to me is actually a bonus, but I've seen other players be quite put off by it and unfortunately there was no real fix for this. I am immensely proud of the architecture in this level though, even if I don't particularly like the final product as a whole. The level should've felt dirtier, with slime on the pavement, tattered curtains, water dripping from the rooftops and garbage in the corners.

    I feel that overall, I've had some good ideas and solid construction, but the missions were too rushed. Some parts that should be quite epic come out looking very corny. Of course then again, those two missions were the only ones I've actually finished yet, so maybe rushing them for contests wasn't that bad of an idea.

    The things I'm most proud of in these missions though were the use of authentic music and a wide range of lighting and colors to create a unique atmosphere. Also, this might sound un-thief, but I'm proud of the various documents in my missions, and as much as I could, I absolutely refused to include a document where the player ever had to turn a page. But while keeping the documents as short as possible, I also tried to use them to make the various characters in the mission as distinct as possible, adding as much humor and mystery as I could. As pretentious as all this sounds, I'm also proud of adorning rooms with items that expose the deeper characteristics of the people who actually lived there, and just trying to create little distinct images and memories that would stick in players minds forever At least, that's how I tried to approach it when I put the finishing touches on my missions.

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