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Thread: What Fan Mission(s) Stuck With You Years After Playing Them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PotatoGuy View Post
    I don't.
    Perhaps you didn't read the Title of the thread aswell

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    I only saw one mission listed that's under a year old (Godbreaker). Even relatively recent ones like Coaxing the Spirit were released "years" ago (~1.75 years), so I'm not really sure what you're complaining about. The vast majority of FMs listed are several years old (not to mention masterpieces).

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    If two year old missions fall under "Stuck with you years after playing them" for you just because technically "years" can mean 2 I'd say you're missing the point. For me there's no nostalgia there yet and that's what bothers me. Being masterpieces excuses nothing, we have a ton of top missions threads, I'd welcome you to use those. I'd like to see some, at least half a decade old missions with actual nostalgic value and I think the author of the thread was gunning for that aswell, but I, ofc, might be wrong.

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    One person listed two recent missions. I don't think that equates to "too many recent missions in this thread."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    One person listed two recent missions. I don't think that equates to "too many recent missions in this thread."
    I saw three post referring to recent missions before thread reached page two. I'm of the opinion that one is too many and didn't want to single people out. Do you think this should turn into another thread of people just listing favorite missions?

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    Neux, the two missions I listed were each over a decade old, so if you think I'm "missing the point" please re-evaluate.

    My subsequent post was just a response to your pedantry. You see a list of dozens of FMs that very clearly match the spirit of the thread. One or two arguably do not (but also, arguably do). Why stir the pot with nothing to contribute?

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    I think you two entries where excellent examples. But quite clearly I was responding to your subsequent post in which you argue that 1.75 year old missions fall into "Stuck With You Years After Playing Them" because the "years" can technically mean 2. That's where I think you're missing the point. How are you defending your latter arguments with your first post baffles me. You're saying "How am I missing the point if I'm not missing it in my other post". Its just logically unsound.

    You say "One or Two" when we already talked about the number three. I also haven't heard any sound argument why "One or Two" arguably do match. Could you re-evaluate?

    I "stir the pot" (if we must use those words, I'd say "voice a complaint"), because Thief represents a huge part of my life and I love It and cherish the community. If something bothers me, you can be sure, I'll leave an opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neux View Post
    I saw three post referring to recent missions before thread reached page two.
    I feel like I'm missing something. Which post besides Corsair's mentioned recent missions? I went through the thread, but didn't see any others.

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    EnYB0La, zajazd

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    Quote Originally Posted by neux View Post
    EnYB0La, zajazd
    Pretty weak argument there, their posts don't even mention specific FMs.

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    The Fan Missions I would be referring to could be two years or more.
    May we please keep this on topic? No drama please! Thanks!


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    Guardhouse 2 (T1)
    It is a joy to ghost the prison and the surrounding city streets. One of the early fan missions that is on par with originals by Looking Glass. The difficulty is just perfect and the layout allows for multiple strategies of breaking in and escaping. I ghosted it at least 10 times and probably attempted a ghost run more than 50 times.

    The Sun Within and The Sun Without (T2)
    A Lost City mission set on an asteroid drifting in a sea of stars. If you venture to the surface outside the shattered temple ruins, fire rains from the sky. It was a unique setting when I played it and I don't think there are many mission quite like it out there.

    Fables of the Penitent Thief (T2)
    Features a wonderful hand-drawn art style that is very different from the usual Thief visuals. Everything is cute and a bit quirky. The gameplay is focused on simple but fun puzzles.

    Koobze (T1)
    This is by no means a good mission. The dimensions of most buildings are way off. The streets and corridors are very looong. Getting from point A and to B can take several minutes. Mission-critical items are hidden in tiny nooks and almost impossible to find. The readables are almost word salad. You will have no idea what is going on at first. There are Hammerites who are supposed to escort you, but the scripts are not properly set up, so they attack you instead. Koobze has so many weird and broken elements in it, I felt the mission was kinda great.

    Fall Of A Chook (T1)
    I think there was a scripts issue or a bug in the mission itself: When the first guard in the mission saw me, EVERYONE in the mission started ATTACKING me. I had around 15 people chasing me and no safe space to run to or mantle up to in the entire mission. I resorted to running in circles, letting them shoot each other with arrows and fireballs, and eventually taking out the remaining stragglers myself. The whole ordeal lasted several hours and I felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment when the mission completion screen finally came up.

    Haddur (T2)
    I nearly went insane trying to finish this multi-episode mission in one sitting with no hints. It is a magnum opus of strange. I have no idea what the story is because the readables are nothing but broken English. The mission contains one of the largest sewer mazes I have ever seen and a whole city level where you do little else than engage in sword fights. Hours of pure tedium. There were a couple of surprisingly effective jump scares as well: At one point I was exploring the darkness of a tomb when suddenly, after complete silence, a disembodied voice started talking to me. I got so startled I ripped off my headset and backed away from the computer.
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    I'm playing Durant right now. I like playing from time to time because even though on "Don's Style" the objective no fallen humans, there is the carpet trap that can clear the whole street for you if you get them to follow you, and the frog beast eggs don't count either. Making fun to get rid of nuisance people and it technically not be your fault.

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    Thought of another one. Saturio Returns Home. I go back and play that one from time to time. Sort of a classic.

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    As much as I have found at least a dozen and a half FMs incredibly memorable and enjoyable at the time I played them, I still have a hard time even remembering any of their names by now, let alone very many details about them. There is only one exception that I can still recall vividly, to the tiniest detail: Komag's Swing. I still have yet to see another FM that matches the inventiveness and creativity of that awesome visual gimmick (in a way that scratches my particular itch for such stuff).

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    -Ruins of Originia
    -Calendra's legacy
    -Broken Triad
    -Ominous Bequest
    -Ink and Dust
    -Lorgan's web
    -Inverted manse
    -Cathedral of the Damned
    -Order of the Vine
    -Calendra's cistern
    -Hammerite Imperium
    - Night of the Red Moon
    -Breathing Corpses

    And yes, Dead of Winter too, love the ambience

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    Lorgan's Web, Calendra's Cistern, Lord Edmund Entertains!, The Order of the Vine (The first FMs I ever played & they DEFINITELY have stuck with me)
    Calendra's Legacy (Wow'ed me just as much as Calendra's Cistern)
    The 7th Crystal (Gorgeous, simply amazed me over and over)
    Deceptive Perception (Nothing has creeped me out as much since)
    The Art of Thievery (Made me absolutely fall in love with mansion heists)
    Raid on Washout Central (The female protagonist just... struck me, and has stuck with me)
    Saturio Returns Home (Looked so nice, and just having to carefully bring Saturio around, again- stuck with me)

    Alright. I tried to constrain my list to the first couple of years or so that I was playing FMs, and getting bowled over by how amazed I was by them. I could go on, and on, and on, but I don't want the list to get incredibly long. Just suffice it to say that it most definitely would be.

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    Alright let me try this off the top of my head. Maybe I'll edit some in later if I think of them.
    - Rowena's Curse
    - Emilie Victor
    - Lord Alan's Fortress
    - Ominous Bequest
    - Viktor Gaspar
    - Thief Noir
    - Assorted others: Inverted Manse, Seventh Crystal, Calendra's Legacy, Abominable Dr. Dragon, Midday Escape, A Thief's Holiday, Seven Sisters, Relic: Left for Dead, Unfortunate Formulae, Fortress by the Sea, TTGM series

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    Quote Originally Posted by uncadonego View Post
    Thought of another one. Saturio Returns Home. I go back and play that one from time to time. Sort of a classic.
    I never played it and just completed it for the first time thanks to your post. I can't believe it is 17 years old, so solid FM throughout.

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    Yep, it stands up after all this time.

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    I love missions that have a memorable atmosphere and a great story.
    Autumn in the Lampfire Hills, Calendra's Cistern, Lorgan's Web
    The Art of Thievery, Raid on Washout Central, A Smuggler's Request
    The first time i played Deceptive Perceptions i nearly had a heart attack! But seriously, there are too many good ones to even list.

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    2009 isn't quite a decade old yet, but Disorientation is likely the best T1 style city mission I've played. I know it's T2, but the style is T1. I think it's awesome.

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    I didn't come upon FMs until the mid-2000s, but when I did, I ate them up as fast as my dialup would allow. Many of my first-played FMs were found via the TTLG site by listing smallest to largest in size, so the early and contest missions were many of my first playthroughs. There are quite a few missions that I remember well and with strong positive feelings.

    • Stowaway - Though potentially unfinishable and slightly buggy objective-wise, I found the FM great fun. The architecture is fantastic, the gameplay with the Thieves is good fun (especially during my footpad years when it was harder), and the town section is very intriguing. I really wish that area was explorable with could be expanded. I hit the brush/complexity limit when I tried to add to the city areas. New dark would certainly allow for its expansion, but I don't have the time to tinker with it, least of all for changing a mission only for myself (since I could not release the changes).
    • TTGM - Most of the campaign really, but the best one would be Errand Boy, I love the underground and secret areas. Going into buildings via the underground sewer network is great. I would love to play a mission that centered around this mechanic in much the same way the rooftops do for Thieves Highway missions.
    • Equilibrium - One of the earliest FMs I played and one that I've replayed multi times (a rarity for I usually play through FMs once or twice only)
    • Order of Vine - Fantastic Mission Set, engaging story, and great background for the Thief verse
    • The Keeper of the Prophecies - A series is that filled with varied mission styles and locals, amazingly involved storyline, and packed with surreal elements from beginning to end.
    • What Lies Below - A T2 mission set in the Sealed Section sewer network (the parts we didn't see in Thief 1). Heavily infusions of information we gained about the Keepers in T3. Great fun, interesting mechanics, and a very tense atmosphere.
    • Ranstall Keep - Creepy and Scary with a very tense beginning. Unlike the undead-focused scary FMs and OMs, this mission still manages to put me on edge on replays.
    • Raid on Washout Central - You feel like you actually are a different character complete with the different vocalizations combined with an excellent atmosphere. This is probably the first FM I played that used rain (and incorporated it well into the level's atmosphere). I really enjoyed the cityscape, which is packed with various areas to explore. The city is well-built and in keeping with the Thief 2 city style.
    • Disorientation - Great throw back to the look and feel of the city areas from Thief 1 while pushing the scale to 11 and adding Thieves Highway and vertical components.
    • Art of Thievery - Architecturally weak (especially on the outside), but the interior layout and decor is fun and interesting (love the indoor waterways). Absolutely great T2-style gameplay being both tough and fun.
    • Inverted Manse - The mission that while tough and scary during my first playthrough, gave me the confidence and skills I needed to best all of the standard undead types. No longer did I fear the undead missions whether OM or FM. (well some really nasty undead in certain FMs can give me concern, especially if I lack the tools to deal with them)
    • Lord Ashton Series - Large well-built areas, Lots of fun Thiefy gameplay, Food, Suggaaarrrrr!!!!!
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    Hard to say,there are so many.

    Most TDP/TG missions. Two come to mind, Lorgan’s Web And Calendra’s Cistern. Oh, also Lord Edmund Entertains and Fall of a Chook. If I think about it for very long, I could list another 20.

    Pretty excited about the anniversary contest. Lots of TDP missions to play. I am building a mission but very slowly. I need to step up my game.

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