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Thread: The Last of Us (PS3)

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    I don't think it is wholly a confirmation bias, but I'd say that there is an extent of amplification by post facto cherry picking to reinforce the initial point. I just think the case would be strengthened by a more empirical account of the problem, since that might gauge the extent and even highlight if the problem is concentrated in any specific areas - if there are co-factors.

    It's not restricted to games either, as the Bechdel test for films points out nicely. Someone should devise an equivalent for games and see where it applies.

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    One year later...

    Playing TLOU Remastered on PS4 right now. On Survivor difficulty this time around, was surprised to see the echo location mechanic straight up removed on this higher difficulty. This is not gonna be easy, is it?

    Also, there's a Photo Mode. God I love photo modes.

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    If you haven't already seen this, you might find it interesting:

    A War Photographer Embeds Himself Inside a Video Game

    I didn't rate the article very highly, but I like the idea itself.

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    Yeah I saw that on FB and read it just after I'd posted here. The guy's rightly been called out enough on suggesting that videogame violence would desensetize you to real violence, so enough about that, but I know what he means about the characters appearing to not show distress. I don't think anyone would accuse TLOU's characters of not showing distress if they just played through the game regularly, but with the Photo Mode's ability to freeze the action at any moment and look around I was struck by how blankfaced the characters often are (see Ellie in my top screenshot) while all kinds of carnage is going on. Of course it's very hard to notice that if you're just playing the game, but the Photo Mode shines a light on that shortcoming.

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    I'm assuming - and these are very big assumptions since I've neither played the game nor really looked into its Photo Mode - the developers probably felt coding for 'distressed faces' would be a waste of time since you're normally mostly looking at the back of the characters' heads when playing the game? I guess one alternative would be to give them Max Payne faces, he seemed to be distressed 24/7...

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    All done. Here's some pictures from the trip.

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    That third shot is fucking magnificent.

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    I don't know if it's been posted itt, but there's this really great documentary about the making of this game, called Grounded.

    Fascinating to see how the game changed during the development, and how different certain parts/elements could've ended up.

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    Let's be all poetic and loose our minds together

    Left Behind was really good. That one scene in the middle is so sad and beautiful. Reminded me of being a kid, and of the heartache of having to let go.

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    I got through this now. Might have been a bad idea to start watching Walking Dead at the same time, since things meshed together, but it's sort of like alt histories of the same situation, so interesting to compare them.

    Anyway, I have a lot of thoughts, but I'll say something just on the ending for now, regarding Joel's decision to save Ellie.

    Of course it was because he'd grown so attached to her, and with his past he'd be damned to lose another daughter-like person from his life, world be damned. But the subtext I also got was that honestly, maybe most of humanity, or what it had turned into, himself included at one point in his past, frankly didn't deserve saving. The best we deserved was a compound for the best of us to live out life with the people we love, and let the rest kill itself off.

    The game made a point to even say that wasn't really fair, since innocent people are needlessly suffering too, and Ellie listed some of them to make the point. But after slogging through so much backstabbing and moral decay for so long, I wasn't unsympathetic with Joel's thinking that civilization maybe crossed a line that couldn't or didn't deserve to be uncrossed so easily, at least not at the cost of one more life he cared about. Makes you think about how we value life too, from the faceless masses to the beloved individual, which is probably the message of the whole game TBH.
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    Naughty Dog are such a great developer, gaiz. They sure do go the extra mile to create immersive worlds!!!!111

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