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Thread: high cpu usage

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    high cpu usage

    Hi, I got three thief on steam.

    I installed tafferpatcher for thief 2 metal age for gamma. when I play game, I had MSI afterburner running on screen display, It only work to display on screen with tafferpatcher installed, I notice I had high cpu usage, is there way to keep cpu usage low?er

    I had:

    Windows 10
    i7 core
    Nvidia 745 GTX

    It may do same thing to Thief Gold.

    But on Thief deadly shadow with sneaky upgrade had no problem.

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    Anyone able to help out here?

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    I'd like to, but I really don't know how. It could have something to do with CPU affinity, maybe? He could force it to use a single CPU, since even the latest and greatest source patch doesn't multithread the application.

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    What are your CPU temps before and while running Thief? What driver are you using?

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