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Thread: Outcast - Second Contact

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    Outcast - Second Contact

    This game came out so quietly I didn't even know about it until a Kickstarter update mentioned it. It's a complete remake of the classic 1999 game Outcast and it looks pretty damn good:

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    The dialog audio quality is unchanged from the original, Cutter accelerates like a dump truck, walk speed is that of a snail when you're in villages, the new combat roll happens when you try to sprint sideways, the crosshair isn't where your bullets land, and I don't particularly like the new look for the Talans or the UI prompts that float in midair.
    So it's a bit rough around the edges in places. I still love the overall look of the game's environments, and it runs butter smooth. Can't wait to dive back into the most charming game world I know. First I'll wait for the next patch though - I encountered a game stopping bug. Just be sure to save your game (F1) before you tell Shamaz Zeb to heal Ilott and you should be fine.

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    Well the original was fairly buggy from what I recall; particularly Twon-ha riding.

    It does really good and they seem to have captured the atmosphere of the original quite well judging by the video. I do prefer the look of the old cutter though. I’ll definitely pick this up but not right away.

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    I'm glad this happened after the KS failed. It does seem to have some issues, but they seem to be either relatively easily fixable or something that I can live with. Anyway, hope it comes to GOG too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starker View Post
    Anyway, hope it comes to GOG too.
    Speak of the devil... the 45% discounted devil, even:

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