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Thread: What is your fav thief box art out of the 3 games

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    What is your fav thief box art out of the 3 games

    thief 1 dark project =

    thief gold = https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon....CLZZZZZZZ_.gif

    thief 2 the metal age = https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon....SR316,320_.jpg

    thief 3 deadly shadows =

    what one is your favorite?

    thief 1,gold,2 all in one for pc from 2006 =

    wish i had this one ^

    and if i had to pic my fav i would say thief 1 dark project

    also i wonder if they ever had concepts for the cover art for "thief 2 gold"???

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    At T3 cover Garreth at least doesn't look like armenian/

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    Thief Gold. It perfectly summarizes the game: a complete mind**** (at times). It also looks pretty cool.
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    i picked thief 1 due to the fact the city is behind him also the detail to fire arrow also has the glyph that unsealed that book in thief 3 i think in his cape

    also i noticed hat thief 1 uses fire arrow,thief gold uses water arrowand thief 2 uses gas arrow in cover art=cool idea

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    Not sure why, but I like Garrett's appearance on the TMA cover the best. Maybe it's the cape...

    I'm also biased towards the "3-in-1" cover because that's the one I bought.

    Also, it's pretty ironic how TDP, TG, and TMA all have Glyphs on their cover art, but not TDS, even though the Glyphs are the most prominent in TDS.

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    I think the cover of Thief: Gold looks the coolest. The stained glass window just looks fascinting.

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    I'm probably in the minority here in that I never liked any of the Thief covers or how Garrett is depicted on them. The way I imagined the character, he wouldn't pose like that. He'd be in the shadows.

    Outside of the three Thief games, I like the reboot cover in concept (though not in execution) for precisely that reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by User 205 View Post
    I think the cover of Thief: Gold looks the coolest. The stained glass window just looks fascinting.
    I agree Thief Gold. Stained glass and bricks, always appealed to me.

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    I like the Thief 2 cover, because it looks kinda sassy in a "Damn right I'm back!" way. :-|

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    This one:
    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    Closely followed by this one:
    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post

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    I like all the covers, but if I had to pick a favourite I'd say TDP, followed by TG, TDS and TMA.

    The cover of TDP is dark, mysterious and intimidating. Garrett's eyes are piercing. A fire arrow is a weapon of destruction -- he is armed and dangerous, and he radiates confidence.

    On the cover of TG, I really like the stained glass and flying bricks. Garrett looks kinda pissed off, though. The water arrow looks pretty cool and gives some movement to the picture, but it's way too illuminating to my taste.

    I think that Garrett is the most good looking on TMA cover, he looks sneakier and less intimidating there than on TDP and TG covers. He looks like he's just passing through. The cover is great, but it just doesn't stir up much feelings. Also, the background of TMA cover isn't particularly interesting in my opinion.

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    Thief Gold art looks best on trapezoid imo because it fits the box shape and has special spot UV and embossing effects on Garret, the bricks and bow.

    i actually like TDP cover, but it is cropped and cut on the trapezoid box.

    TMA does not crop the art over the Thief title, unlike the other two, so that's a plus. but it too does not fit properly on the trapezoid box, then angle looks wierd and i prefer the UK version of TMA, because it's like you noticed him sneaking with the back shadow cast.

    as for inner gatefold art and back cover, TDP wins
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    Its gotta be the dark project for me as well, it just looks great with the city in the background... On the TDS cover, Garrett is weilding a knife/sword, as opposed to the sneaky stealth oriented gas and water arrows in TG and TMA, to me that is already a bad sign, and leads thoughts just as much towards "Assasin" as "Thief"... That is not what the games are about.... Assasins Creed, sure... Go ahead and look mysterious with your blades... Thief? No...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommyph1208 View Post
    On the TDS cover, Garrett is weilding a knife/sword
    The original cover (pre-release) which I cannot for the life of me find a picture of had him holding a blackjack, but it was changed to a dagger because the angle he was holding the blackjack at looked decidedly phallic.

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