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Thread: TTLG chat

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    TTLG chat

    TTLG-Kru Discord server:
    Gaming #kru

    I was remembering how some of the TTLG folks used to hang around in chatrooms on IRC, such as the TTLG gaming #kru where we organised cooperative gaming sessions and chatted about games.
    It was never hugely popular, but they petered out a couple of years ago, and it's mostly just been me and DJ Ivocha in there for the last few years (and he rarely speaks these days.)

    Would folks be interested in getting something like that up and running again?

    There are also quite a few people interested in making games here - I was thinking that some of those getting together to chat about game design-related could be interesting.

    My first thought would be to go back to IRC, though maybe people would prefer to use something else - that is, if there's even any interest in it.
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    Discord is all the rage these days I hear.

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    Slack is cool too, and a bit more light-weight than Discord, but both are good.

    IRC is from the dinosaur times.

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    I was reading about Discord yesterday, but still don't entirely see how it's so much better than IRC.
    Main pro seems to be that it's all a single service which people may already have accounts for, while the downside is that they outright state in their privacy policy that they want to sell the data of everything you say on their service (though all the other services probably do that too, they just don't say so.)

    The built-in group chat in Steam might be another possibility, but that's probably not much good as a chat room (and I suspect most people don't even know that it exists.)

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    as far as I know Hanse still has #thief running in discord, have dropped in there a few times in the past

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    There's a pretty active Thief-related Discord server already, mostly populated by Dromed folks, and things sometimes get pretty crazy over. If anyone wants an invite, let me know.

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    The servers aren't public?
    How do I even join them?

    One nice thing about IRC is that you can just tell someone "join #kru on Starchat" and they can go and join themselves, there's no need for everyone to be invited, and the invites never expire either.
    There I was thinking that the reason people use Discord these days was because it's a centralised server and so you can just go there and find communities for anything you like from one central place, with one login and one client - but if it's all private then that kind of removes that potential advantage.
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    Well, I made a Discord server.

    (Non-expiring) access links below:

    Gaming #kru

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    So, the Discord server has been up for a few months now. I've moved on from the dinosaur times and embraced being able to paste images directly in the chat.

    There's quite a few people in there now, both from TTLG and from, with around 45 users, even if there's usually only 10-15 online at a time.

    Still, the place is a bit quiet and could do with a few more active folks, so I'm bumping this thread to remind the people who aren't there yet that it exists.

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    Hot gamedesign discussion going on there! Discord is cool.

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