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Thread: Dark Loader problem

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    Dark Loader problem

    Suddenly I can't open my Dark Loader, I get this error window in French although my Windows language is English:

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    a windows update finally killed it off, perhaps?

    if that's the case, here's a sentence I'd thought I'll never use without being sarcastic - good job, microsoft.

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    I think what he's trying to say is switch to FMSel, NewDarkLoader or Angel Loader. Darkloader is just old and unsupported and is inevitably going to cause issues. And no one is going to be interested in researching why it isn't working.

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    i got the same propblem after installing the FM Patriot

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    I believe Patriot specifically notes in its readme that it is not compatible with DarkLoader. As for this error, I do not believe enough information is given to properly diagnose the issue.

    Regardless, like others here, I would not recommend using DarkLoader. We now have quite the array of viable alternatives to DarkLoader, many of which offer improved functionality and some completely new features.

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    yeah. basically, think of darkloader as a 3.5 floppy drive connected to your new laptop via a thunderbolt to usb converter with an usb to fdd adapter which draws its power from an extra pc psu. if it works, and you like the exposed wiring, additional power draw, all the converter cables and modules sitting on your table etc, then good for you, but if all that blows up right into your face, don't expect anything but pointing and laughing.

    to make it short, yes, just use ANY of the currently available NewDark loaders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by radogoal View Post
    i got the same propblem after installing the FM Patriot
    I think it may be size related or from outdated limits in DarkLoader to handle that much stuff since the campaign is over 2 GB zipped.

    With AngelLoader out now it's hard to understand why to still use DarkLoader.

    @voodoo47: I think you forgot to add a Zip-drive & SCSI controller, no wonder it's not working!

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    In this case the installation probably is messed up, since the OMs can't be restored. Reinstall T2 or use the FM FAQ to clean up the files.

    Did anyone mention that Darkloader isn't supported any more? Don't use it. DL users may be insulted, btw. New entry in the FAQ.

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    I don't want to use other launchers because I have entered comments for each fan mission that I played over many years, if I switch I have to manually reenter these comments for each mission, which is hundreds, *uck that.

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    *points and laughs*

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    AngelLoader can import your DarkLoader comments, just so you know.

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    was just about to say that one of the new loaders might have an import function. so there you go, Fen solving your problem properly.

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    You know, I don't like to speak up like this very often, but I strongly feel that insulting people for using DarkLoader is a colossally ineffective way to get them to switch. Nobody is going, "gee, I'm going to use this old program for literally no reason whatsoever except to annoy people". People have reasons for doing things that may very well not be obvious until you ask. And when you do, you might be able to provide an answer to whatever is holding them up in like 2 seconds, instead of spending the rest of eternity just mouthing off at them and delaying or precluding the accomplishment of the actual goal, which is to get people to move off DL.

    zajazd could have just as easily dug in his heels and not given the courtesy of an explanation and just snarked right back, and then we'd all be stuck in a ludicrous loop of thinking the other is an idiot and meanwhile nobody's problem is any closer to being solved.

    If a common reason for sticking with DL is because people don't want to lose their data, then maybe we can put an explanation somewhere about how NDL and AL can both import DL data. If a common problem is people wanting a DL-like standalone loader (say, because they have all their FMs in one folder and are not sorted by game as is required for FMSel and NDL), we could say AngelLoader supports that (I don't know if that's a common problem, but just giving examples). I don't know, just some clear explanations in a central place of why DarkLoader is a bad idea and how some common reasons for sticking with it can be solved by modern loaders might be good. I don't know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FenPhoenix View Post
    AngelLoader can import your DarkLoader comments, just so you know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    *points and laughs*

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    ok, I have to admit that was kind of unnecessary. but can't help it sometimes, darkloader annoys me as much as a thing can.

    but ok, no more stupid from my side on the subject of darkloader.
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    I have experimented a bit yesterday. The crash zajazd mentions is indeed caused by the english version of the Patriot campaign. There appears to be either an overall size limit being exceeded or a limit concerning the number of files, because the russian version is still accepted by Darkloader, most likely because it's a few megabytes smaller and has a few files less inside than the english version. Ironically, since Darkloader already crashes before it can display the readme file of the campaign, the player cannot easily read the warning in the readme file.

    Anyone still wishing to use Darkloader has to move the english version of Patriot out of the missions folder, after which the crash should not happen anymore. Then, one may either switch to a more modern loader (and place the campaign in the mission directory once again), or play the russian version instead. If you don't understand Russian, though...-shrugs-

    Die-hard fans of Darkloader might also succeed by deleting some of the files in the campaign archive, but if things don't work anymore then, don't come along crying.

    Consider Darkloader as old, unsupported software. As long as you have no problems using it, do it if you wish. But once problems crop up, the best choice is to switch to another one of the currently available FM loaders.

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    Dark Loader champion among all loaders forevar. But, I want to apologize to the mission authors whose missions I applied to beta test and couldn't run them

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