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Thread: Newdark Novice Contest - Forgotten Tomb (Feb. 22, 2016)

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    such a great, spooky mission!
    the clues to get the good end were a bit too hard to find, and I had a hard time figuring out how to use some of the new items, but it all came together nicely.

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    Mixed feelings for this. A puzzle-heavy tomb-raiding mission (with an astonishing amount of loot! it was sprouting everywhere!) seemed like a great fun idea. But then in the second half I spent way too long going round and round in circles in a dark room with 1-4 zombies chasing after me looking for I-didn't-know-what in order to proceed—to get past the boulder in the church. The previous boulder blocking the way, I'd been able to deal with using just my crowbar, so was quite frustrated to find it useless here, with not even any reaction from Garrett to trying to apply it; not great for consistency.

    Eventually I gave up hunting the room and came here for hints, to learn that I was supposed to be looking for a nail. I'm not sure you can get any more needle-in-a-haystack-in-a-dark-room than that. It would have been okay perhaps in an empty room, but with zombies on my tail continually I couldn't ever take the time to scour the floor intently enough.

    I started the mission enjoying its novel inventory items and usage, but ended up frustrated and angry. The mission ending abruptly before I'd finished exploring was a final sour note, failing the (annoyingly vague) "most of the loot" objective. Oh well, I've never been bothered about finding all the loot, so I guess I shouldn't let that bother me either.

    Anyway, aside from the pixel hunting in the dark that rubbed me so much the wrong way, this is a very good, enjoyable, small mission.

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