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Thread: OMG! TTLG Close To 40,000 Members. LOL!

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    OMG! TTLG Close To 40,000 Members. LOL!

    It may have escaped your attention but our esteemed establishment is about to reach an incredible milestone in terms of membership numbers!
    We are perilously close to the magic 40,000. That's an absolute sh*tload lot of LGS geeks, girls and boys!
    We cannot, in all conscience, let this momentous occasion pass without proper recognition. No, by cracky.
    I propose we bestow upon our 40,000th member, a vast array of wondrous gifts, boons and benefits, befitting such an achievement!

    The TTLG 40,000th Member Loot Bag:
    1. A custom forum title.
    2. A grammatical/syntax/spelling error amnesty for exactly 40,000 forum posts, before ZB ultimately berates you for your obvious lack of education (by such time he may well have become part of the Q Continuum).
    3. If you produce a Thief FM, it can be as linear as you like without drawing the ire of our more linearphobic members (it's a serious problem Taffers, get the help you so desperately need).
    4. Stephen Russell will personally call to your gaff and clean all the slimy bits out of your salad crisper (he needs the gig, TBH).
    5. You can call any Comm Chat denizen any foul cognomen that springs to mind, with impunity, even though it may cause them to hemorrhage from the nipples (mostly Californians, mostly).
    6. I will buy you copious pints of Guinness and immense quantities of cheese 'n' onion crisps, if you ever visit me in Ireland (Begorrah).
    7. I will personally hold back your hair, while you vomit copious pints of Guinness and immense quantities of cheese 'n' onion crisps into a traditional Irish crapper (Bejesus).
    8. You will receive a modest stack of vintage Swedish adult magazines, where all the 'actors' have had underwear drawn on with a Sharpie (SFW).
    9. Be a moderator for a day and ban all Welsh members (Hwyl fawr, Taffers!).
    10. Receive an 8-bit tattoo of Dewdrop.

    Feel free to add to this list, if you so desire (you probably won't but I'm pretty toasted and beyond giving a crap at this juncture).
    Stay Safe, you crazy bastards!
    Edit: C'mon add something! It's not like you have anywhere to go.

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    BRB - just got to approve 12 accounts. Any similarity in their usernames to a certain admin is completely coincidental (as is turning up in Begorrah as the first choice of holiday location after lockdown is over)

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    OMG LOL. Truly a thread title worthy of CommChat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZylonBane View Post
    OMG LOL. Truly a thread title worthy of CommChat.
    Ah, nice to see that some things never change =)

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    Nor should they.

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    40,000? Wow. That is a lot of members. It is impressive how active this forum has been over 20 years past when a game was released.

    I think all members should get a pound of highly- caffeinated coffee for those mornings after you stayed up to late thinking the end of a mission was a few minutes away. I remember thinking that and finally found the horn of Quintus about 2am. The alarm going off at 5:30 was painful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purgator View Post

    The TTLG 40,000th Member Loot Bag:
    If the forum's finances permit, I propose having a life size replica of Lord Bafford's manor built for our winning member

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    We appear to have surpassed the 40,000 mark!
    Any uncollected gifts will be donated to the very worthy charity, 'Mrs Swiggins' Home for the Chronically Bewildered'!

    There she is now, the bauld Mrs Swiggins.
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    Then I want forum gloss.

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    The next milestone is 42 thousands.

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