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Thread: Thief 2 FM: Nameless (Text walkthrough)

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    Thief 2 FM: Nameless (Text walkthrough)

    Thief 2 FM: Nameless (Text walkthrough)

    Version: 0.0.2
    Up-to-date version:
    License: GPLv3

    While writing this walkthrough I assume that the reader is rather intelligent
    person who also likes this game and is able to read readables, loot lootables
    and explore explorable by himself without my stimulating.


    The author claims that this is his first mission but you shouldn't expect another
    "3 absolutely identical rooms with some loot and a few unmarked keys" mission.
    Actually this is rather big and diverse mission. Nothing too fancy but still the
    quality level is unexpected for the first try.
    Texts are useful. Read them.

    === NAMELESS ===

    "The small gate key" is in the stone building marked as "House" on the map. It
    opens the small gate blocking the way to the Barry's house.

    "The game room key" is in the 2 bed bedroom near the kitchen (where the dewdrop
    is). Go to that gameroom and take a "George's key" from the noble's belt.

    Pay close attention on the bookshelf in the Victor's room. The one that is
    furthest from the bed. It contains the scroll with a simple riddle for the safe
    code. 2185. That safe (George's room) contains the mask.

    In the big bar with a stage (not gaming room, another bar) there is a secret
    switch on the beams holding electric lanterns. It opens the hatch on the stage.

    There is a dead body with "Supply room key" underwater in the docks.

    The entrance to the caves is accessible from the water in docks.

    The "Treasure room key" is in the caves. On the ground near the huge spider.

    Closed gate in the caves? Shoot an arrow to the button.

    The "Basement key" is on the patrolling guard's belt (in the caves) and another key
    has a Phillip in the chapel.

    Explosive charge is in the supply room.

    Give the mask to Barry (using Barry himself, not those mask holders) and he'll
    give you a fire arrow.

    Now go and blow up the exit gate.

    Angry Barry? Just throw a flashbomb, climb a stone near him and hit him with a
    sword until the mask will fall off. Pick it up and throw into the lava.
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    Update: hey A.Stahl, with the mission out for over a month, feel free to add the walkthrough back. It was really nice. Thanks again for this!

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