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Thread: First Impressions of UT

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    First Impressions of UT

    OK, so I downloaded ThieveryUT and got down to business today. Here are some first impressions:

    First, I'm using a Kensington trackball and the keyboard, much as I've done with Thief and UT GOTY version. It should be understood that I can use the trackball quite effectively in UT sniper arena to take many, many heads off. That said, I installed the Thievery mod. I find the mouse control (mouselook) to be sensitive in the extreme. One second I'm looking straight ahead, the next, I'm looking at the ceiling, or the floor, and I'm completely disoriented.

    I'm extremely impressed by the re-incarnation of weapons and the new blackjack attack. I like the awareness of the AI- much better than the original Thief. (more alert). I like the voicing. Some interesting accents in the first mission.

    I was able to frob and rob and kill, but I haven't gotten the hang of the blackjack, yet. It feels like the first time I played TG- I couldn't control the look well enough to approach the guard and taff him. Subsequently, I've run past my target several times, and I've been maced like mashed potatoes. Mmmm...potatoes.

    DOH! Sorry. Well, I need to get back to this and play it a bit more. Gotta get some sleep, because I'll be up early in the am for a yard sale. I just wanted to get these first impressions down, and I'd like to get feedback from others. I'd also like to congratulate the ThieveryUT team on a job well done. I'm duly impressed.

    Now, please tell a UT newbie (I only got it a week ago) how to find other players online!



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    Glad you like it.

    To find other players online:

    Read and follow the instructions on the sticky thread on this forum for faster server browsing.

    Start Thievery.

    Go to Find Internet Games. (Make sure you're online obv)

    Click on the Thievery tab. After a short time a list of servers will display. Don't be too surprised if theres not that many.

    To join, double click on their names and you will connect.

    to change the mouse sensitivity:

    Go to Preferences and click on the Input tab.

    Change Mouse Sensitivity from 11 to something lower and more to your liking.

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    Speaking about mouse sensitivity on 11.0 !!!
    Who did it set to that? Dalai ?

    The second I got hit by a paralyze bolt as a thief I thought maybe a dev set it so
    high to be able to turn around faster while being paralyzed.
    So who is this lamer?

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    Personally 11.0 is just about perfect for me: I can do a complete turn in one nice small movement but also stop and fire at any point during that turn. I get peak control that way. Most of the experienced UT/FPS players I know have it set that high too, so it isn't that unusual. First thing I find myself doing when installing a new FPS on a computer is bumping the mouse sensitivety all the way up, and I hate playing on other people's machines when they don't have it set high

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    lol so all the "really experienced" players have a strange mouse.
    I have set it to 3.5 so it's no wonder I jar-dropped when I saw 11.0!

    I need it that low to be able to aim as precisely as possible.
    But I understand that for UT and Quake and the likes (fast DM fragfests) some
    people like to be able to turn around as fast as possible [joke] to make up for their
    weak awareness and reaction-times [/joke].

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    Originally posted by oRGy
    [B]Glad you like it.

    Thanks for this great game, the time, the dedication. I'm in awe.


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    I need it that low to be able to aim as precisely as possible.
    The point is that I can aim extremely precisely at 11.0 (it's all about more controlled mouse movements) but still have the sensitivity required to turn around in a very small movement. In Q3 or UT (especially Q3) being able to turn in an instant and put a rail slug straight between someones eyes is an important skill to master. Being precise is good, but the goal is to become good enough that the precision becomes a fast reflex. Having to move your mouse all the way across the mat to turn around is not a good thing

    Yeah in Thievery it is not such a big deal because it is not as reflex intensive, but when you're used to a high sensitivity anything lower seems very sluggish in comparison. Heck, it's even the same in Windows. My mouse sensitivity is high enough that I can move the cursor from the Start button to my browser's close button in the top right corner (at 1280x960 res) with just a minute fraction of movement - yet I am precise enough to move to and stop dead on any other icon or button on the screen and have the control to move it as slowly as somone using a low sensitivity does. Perhaps I've just been playing FPS games way too much for way too many years

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    well i use 10 and it doesnt matter actually if its low you get skill its the other way or thats what at least other people say. Since the WCG UT champ uses 2 he's sniper is very good and can make moving combos all the time because he doesnt need to move his mouse with inch perfect precision because of the low sensitivity. People who use a higher sensetivity usually get frags that guys with low one dont and also the other way round

    Still u cant really rocket fight someone with a small sensetivity he's gonna be all over and you would only watch your 'telephoned' rockets fly past him.

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