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Thread: Favorite Old-School Games

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    Favorite Old-School Games

    Although not limited only to the good oldies, I'm sure most of you would agree that the they did indeed rock. Are there any oldies you haven't played yet? Or highly recommend? What of upcoming (or current) titles?

    Games That Never Age
    System Shock 2
    Deus Ex
    Fallout 1 & 2
    Thief I & II
    Total Annihilation
    Jagged Alliance 2
    Baldur's Gate

    To play list
    Clive Barker's Undying
    Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
    Sid Meier's Pirates!
    Arx Fatalis
    Elder Scroll III: Morrowind
    Deus Ex 2
    System Shock
    Wizardry 8
    Vampire: The Masquerade

    Far Cry
    Silent Storm
    Etherlords II
    Unreal Tournament 2004

    In coming!
    Sid Meier's Pirates! (remake)
    Thief III

    What are your top choices?

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    You, boy, are arrogant, hot tempered and entirely too bold. I like that, reminds me of me.

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    Joust, Moon Patrol, Tempest, Guantlet (Warrior needs food badly ), Asteroids, Space Invaders *Oneiroscope dissolves into a bubbling pit of nostalgia *

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    You have to put the Crusader games in there. Those games still stand up.

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    Arkanoid and Bubble Bobble (especially with 2 players).

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    Eagle. I woke up Saturday mornings, rode my bike to the arcade. Waited for the man to come open the door, and I ran to Eagle. It was sort of a Galaga-type game. You got a 3 stage shooter if you docked twice in a row. Helluva shooter game.

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    I recently discovered a new generation of Nintendo and Super Nintendo emulators that apply filters making the 8-bit graphics look like Flash-style vector graphics, giving Megaman a whole new look I can enjoy while getting knocked off tiny platforms by randomly darting copterbots.

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    Gauntlet (Blue Valkyrie shot a food), Moonstone, Ports of Call .... Doom....erm...oh yes,

    From the moment you walked into my office, I had a feeling I'd kill you in a hall of mirrors.

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    Yes, two players are key in Bubble Bobble. I never got past level 56 by myself despite hundreds of efforts.

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    I forgot to add Gyruss. I was addicted to that game for quite awhile.
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    Originally posted by Agent Monkeysee
    I recently discovered a new generation of Nintendo and Super Nintendo emulators that apply filters making the 8-bit graphics look like Flash-style vector graphics, giving Megaman a whole new look I can enjoy while getting knocked off tiny platforms by randomly darting copterbots.
    Lost my original post, so here's what I think I was trying to say:

    Am I the only one who thinks that part of the charm of 'old' games (I hate the phrase 'old-school', and don't think that 15, 20, is old for whatever reason) is to look at the developer's attempts at making graphics? Laugh at the Engrish, smile when you realize what the blob is supposed to be? Holding the controller in your hand, playing the physical cart?

    Anyway, an interesting game I just came across is Star Flight... it could easily be called the parent of games like Privateer: you gather a crew, outfit a ship, go to planets (get resources directly, instead of buying them), sell them, engage in combat (I assume, haven't found any trouble yet), evaluate planets as colony sites, complete a quest.

    My favorite 'old' games are:
    King's Quest III, VI
    King's Quest I, II, VII, V, IV (STILL haven't beaten 4. Makes me angry that I haven't. )Space Quest III
    Space Quest V
    Space Quest IV
    Space Quest I, II
    Return to Krondor was fun, need to get that again
    C&C: Tiberian Dawn
    Super Mario Bros. 3, 1, 2
    MegaMan X - X3
    MegaMan 5 (? Only one I've played, you collect the MegaMan # letters in each stage and then you can use the bird. Need to get more MegaMan...)

    Alien Legacy

    Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight (Just for laughs. Very fun, somewhat clumsy controls, but this game is VERY hard. As in, you have to re-beat three annoying bosses (one of which is doubled while you fight him), plus the final boss, inside a very limited time frame. It's a NES game, in case you've never seen it)

    There's more, but I need to work on my code.

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    4 Square. Definitely 4 square. But in electronic gaming, I'd have to say "Captain Skyhawk", "The Legend of Shiharizad", and the original "Kirby's Dreamland." Those games were my bane growing up, and to this day, I have never met anyone who beat Captain Skyhawk. It's almost physically impossible to accomplish such a major feat.
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    I seem to remember beating Captain Skyhawk, but it was so long ago I can't be sure

    As for me, I'll basically just cover NES, Snes and PC games for various degrees of Old School goodness

    Air Fortress
    Castlevania 1-3
    Elevator Action!
    Gargoyle's Quest 2
    The Guardian Legend
    Kirby's Adventure
    Metal Gear
    Metal Storm
    Ninja Gaiden 1-2!
    River City Ransom
    Snake, Rattle & Roll
    Super Mario Bros 3

    Demon's Crest
    Illusion of Gaia
    Kirby Super Star
    Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past
    Soul Blazer
    Super Castlevania IV
    Super Mario World
    Super Metroid!!!
    Super Turrican 1-2
    Yoshi's Island

    Crusader : No Remorse/Regret
    Relentless : Twinsen's Adventure
    Sam & Max
    Secret of Monkey Island
    System Shock
    Terra Nova
    Ultima Underworld 1-2
    Ultima 4-7
    Under a Killing Moon

    And X-Com is quite cool, but I only got it recently, and I kinda suck at it

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    And all the Infocom classic text adventure games... Long live the Flatheads!

    >examine painting

    It's a good likeness of a pussy, but is it art?

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    Old school games are *so* rude.


    the one where you have tiny ship that rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise while you carefully negotiate a perrilous pinstripe chasm by nuturing a carefull balance between the forces of gravity and the SHIFT key. Upon reaching the farthest depths of the pinstripe chasm you collect a circle on a stick where upon your tiny ship becomes an accurate simulation of reversing with a caravan in tow. What a barsted.

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    F-14 TOP GUN on my Amstrad 286 - Back when you said 'Floppy Disk' and meant it.

    F-19 Stealth Fighter - a WHOLE 1.44mb floppy disk of intense flight-sim action! yeah baby!

    Tornado - THREE 1.44mb disks! God, how many weekends did i lose to that?

    X-COM: Apocalypse - a quantum leap up from what was already a top-knotch series.

    Terra Nova - Your HUD surround changed when you got heavily damaged! bring it on!

    Cruisader: No Remorse/Regret - Go Mr. crimson-painted-Boba-Fett-lookalike!

    C&C - 18+ recomendation because he says 'Kill the b*stard' (shock! horror!) in the last GDI briefing. my dad almost refused to buy it

    Warcraft the Elder - Brigands are cool! what building can i get them from?

    A coupla demos i really got into but never bought; one called 'Total Mania' (renamed 'Total Mayhem' when released, i believe) and the other called 'Star Control 3' which i've never been able to track down again. I didn't get pocket money until i was 12, and even then it was 2 a week and patchy at best (though that did occasionally allow me to get 2 from each parent! oh, the larks), so most of my early gaming knowledge was via the unearthly delights of Demo Discs. Not gaming magazines; those big 'Computer Buyer' or 'Computer Shopper' ones which have discs full of FULL PRODUCT! SAVE 5,000.00! and only cost about 1.50 because they were 90% adverts and 10% 'Sponsored' reviews.

    I've never owned a console, but my cousin did have a Sega Master System which me and my brother used to play on when we visited. Double Dragon forever!

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    Originally posted by Navyhacker006
    Laugh at the Engrish, smile when you realize what the blob is supposed to be?
    Engrish? Pffft, newb. When I was growing up, console games were still made in the good ol' USA!

    Pitfall Harry for president!

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    There are TOO many games. Too many.

    Ikari Warriors
    Atic Atak
    Jet Set Willy
    Elite? Haven't seen this yet
    The Last Ninja 1 + 2
    Mario (all except 2)
    R-Type (rock!)
    Renegade + Target Renegade
    Shadow of the Beast 1
    Turrican 1
    Xenon 1 +2
    Sonic 1
    and on and on

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    Commander Keen series
    Monkey island 3
    X-wing Collectors edition and Tie Fighter Collectors edition dos version

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    Stuff from the Atari 800:

    Run around and grab the bombs while avoiding bullets and other obstacles, complete the level as fast as you can to get the best score.

    Gauntlet-type dungeon crawl, collect $$, don't remember if there was an actual goal to this one "Player 1 is in Limbo"

    -Alley Cat
    (IMHO the best incarnation of this game)
    Lead the tomcat through peril so he can get laid and then go on to more dangerous territory!

    -Pharoah's Curse
    Collect the treasures from the ancient tomb; Avoid the Pharoah and his mummy friend, you can shoot them, but they will shoot back!(bullets?...or...magic bullets?)

    Awesome music to this one, the levels range from simple to impossible, it's rather frustrating I'll play it just to enjoy the music and the cute captions that reflect how Conan died... and to be rememded that I'll probably never get past the fifth screen (the one with the ?dragons flying across the screen, if anyone's ever played it)

    Help the electrician finish wiring the apartment buildings, squash worms, kick rats, but avoid spiders and sparks at all cost! Once you finish one building, travel to the next one via the sewer maze where female alligators lurk and lay deadly egg-traps!

    Maybe I'll add more for other platforms later...
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    Oh man, the Atari 800 was the computer I cut my gaming and programming teeth on. Waaayyy too many awesome games to mention.

    Made a decent 80-column VT100 terminal too.

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    Ok be prepared for a long list as "retrogaming" is my preferance these days over newer games:


    7th Guest
    11th Hour
    Aliens Vs Predator
    Command and Conquer Series
    Crusader 1+2
    Blood 1+2
    Dark Forces
    Dark Reign
    Doom 1+2
    Fallout Series including Tactics
    Full Throttle
    Heroes of Might and Magic Series
    Keen Series
    Kings Quest Series
    Leisure Suit Larry Series
    Mechwarrior 3 + the expansions
    Might and Magic Series
    Police Quest Series
    Quake + the expansion packs
    Space Quest Series
    Syndicate + Syndicate Wars
    System Shock 1+2
    Thief 1+2
    Ultima 8
    X-COM Series
    Warcraft 1+2
    Wingcommander Series
    Wolfenstein 3D + Spear of Destiny
    Zork Series

    Atari 2600:

    Double Dragon
    Double Dunk
    River Raid 1+2
    Space Invaders

    Sega Master System:

    Alex Kidd Series
    Double Dragon
    Golden Axe
    Golden Axe Warrior
    Phantasy Star
    Wonderboy Series

    Super Nintendo:

    Demons Crest
    Desert Strike
    Final Fantasy 4-6
    Final Fight Series
    Go Go Ackman Series
    Jurassic Park
    King Arthur's World
    Lufia Series
    Megaman Series
    Secret of Mana 1+2
    Super Castlevania
    Super Mario World
    Super Metroid
    The Legend of Zelda




    Azure Dreams
    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    Dino Crisis
    Final Fantasy 7+8
    Gran Turismo
    Marvel Vs Capcom
    Metal Gear Solid
    Resident Evil Series
    Silent Hill
    Star Ocean: The Second Story
    Syphon Filter Series
    Tenchu 1+2
    Vagrant Story
    Wild Arms 1+2

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    Commodore 64The Bard's Tale
    The Bard's Tale II: Knights of Destiny
    The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate
    Ultima III: Exodus
    Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar
    Alternate Reality: The City
    Alternate Reality: The Dungeon
    Temple of Apshai Trilogy
    ... hell!  Just about any game from Epyx

    Sentinel Worlds 1: Future Magic
    Knights of Legend

    m i c h a e l     r y a n
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    Those games were my bane growing up, and to this day, I have never met anyone who beat Captain Skyhawk. It's almost physically impossible to accomplish such a major feat.
    Really? huh... I'll admit it took a bit of practice, but after awhile I'd pull that game out when I just needed to kill 30 minutes, finishing it didn't take any longer than that.


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    System Shock 2
    Deus Ex
    Thief I & II
    Baldur's Gate
    Are these really so old to be called "old school"?

    The term "old school game" can't be precisely defined I'm afraid...
    I'd say that only games older than 8-10 years deserve that title.

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