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Thread: Scrolls

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    where do you find/steal/buy a scroll that will open a high level lock?
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    Well, assuming 'scoll' means 'scroll', I really have no idea why you'd need a scroll to "hope a level lock".

    1st off, there are no level locks in the game; as long as you can defeat the quest you're on then you're allowed to progress. Bored, I once completed the game w/ a lvl 5 char on God mode.

    2ndly, how would hoping help you to defeat what you believe is a level lock? I mean, okay, luck does take a role in determining success or failure, and sure, there's probably a 'fortify luck' scroll out there somewhere, but it's so much easier and more efficient to get a 'fortify luck' spell and enchant an item with it.

    On the other hand, there's an insignificant chance that you meant to ask the question "Where can you get a scroll to open a lock"? Now granted, you're unlikely to be so obtuse that you missed the 'search' button up near the top of the page, but if you truly did miss it and you're asking a question that's been answered more times than I have relatives (and I have a large family)...... USE THE FORUM'S SEARCH FUNCTION. But that wasn't what you meant, now was it?

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    Sorry, loonatick13, your lackadaisical attention to spelling combined with my 4 hrs of sleep ticked me off something fierce; I should really stay away from here when I'm like that. Anyway, the best answer I can give is that you can buy the lesser "Ondusi's Open Lock" from a number of people (one such is Tanar Llervi in Ald'Ruhn's mage guild), though noone seems to sell the more powerful "Ekash's Lock Splitter". You can also get both of these for free when you raid bandit caves; most seem to have at least one if you're 6th lvl or higher.

    Of course, if you just buy the spell then you can enchant an item with it and not have to worry about finding the scrolls.

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    A simple answer to yer question!

    Well... you can easily create a level 100 unlock and Lock spell: Find anyone that'll sell you either Open (Ondusu's open door) or Lock, or both. then go to a spellmaker. Have them create an Open spell (you have to be able to cast Ondusu's Open Door) at level 100. here more detailed for the creating of this-

    (1)-Have the spell Ondusu's Open Door or sumsuch like that... doesnt matter the level of the lock it can open.

    (2)-Find a spellmaker

    (3)-Have them create a spell of unlocking at a magnitude of 100 to 100 for a duration of 1 second. it'll cost about 70 magicka to cast, but you can then open ANY locked door, of course you have to take into consideration your alteration level... mine's 93 so I can cast withought it failing, even if I'm completely fatigued I also have Intelligence at 100 so that gives me alot of magicka. I also suggest getting Conjuration up early on. It'll eventually help you when
    you need the book Dwemer Articulae, It lets you cast a Sphere Centurion... even harder then casting a Flame Atronach! And even at my high conjuration level it goes down from 100% if I get even a little fatigued! but it's worth being able to cast such a cool artifact creature! Now if only they had it in Magic: The Gathering!

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