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Thread: Snakes... Why'd it have to be snakes?

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    Snakes... Why'd it have to be snakes?

    Yup, I'm currently in the Forbidden Woods. How'd you guess?

    Any tips for those hateful Viper Pits and other viperish enemies? I'm sporting a Tronitus +6, since bolt damage seems to work better, but otherwise I'm having real trouble finding a viable strategy against the Viper Pits that doesn't mean going through half my blood vials.

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    My threaded cane's alternative mode let me keep the the viper pits at a comfortable distance. They were more annoying than deadly.

    The snakeheadguys were hard though. Best tactic on them is to sneak up and do a backstab.

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    Good idea. The Tronitus works pretty well with them (if in bolt mode), killing them in two good hits - but it's a risk, because they attack so fast, so they can easily stun you. I can kill one of them with relative ease, but if there are two of the buggers it's a major risk.

    Anyway, will use the cane whip on the viper pits. I have fond memories of one of them throwing itself into the fire that's next to it, and I could just stand back and look at the damage numbers popping up until it was dead.

    Edit: Actually, the Tronitus wasn't all that much help, but the whip worked great, so thanks for the tip, henke. It'll work even better now that I've got it at +7. I shall have my revenge on those snake bastards.
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    Tronitis sounds like a disease which causes fluorescent arteries.

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