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Thread: Favourite swear words, expletives, exclamations, curses, etc.

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    Favourite swear words, expletives, exclamations, curses, etc.

    I'd like to know what your favourite swear words, curses, exclamations, etc. from the Thief universe.

    For example, one common exclamation would be: "by the Builder!"

    What do you remember from OM and FMs?

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    Gonna have fun guttin' you, taffer boy!

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    “Thou art for it now!” And of course “HEEAYAAHHHHH!!”

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    "Your fate is written in a book", said by attacking Hammerites. It's believably archaic, and carries some implications about Hammerite beliefs.

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    'Receive Thy Pounding!' is an especially interesting phrase. Useful for pub brawls and speed dating.

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    "Hells bells!"

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    "I'm gonna sic the dogs on you when I find you."
    "I'm gonna rob you of your organs taffer boy!"

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    I think there's one I heard, cracks me up.

    Commanding voice :

    "Cease thy game!!!"

    Me : OK.

    Turns off computer, goes to sleep.

    And there's a lot in french like "Je vais te faire sauter le dentier !" ==> "" 'M gonna knock your teeth out!"
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