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Thread: Beta testers for new FM

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    Beta testers for new FM


    I'm looking for a few people to test my mission, it's a pretty small map so shouldn't take to much time to test. Post here or message me if you're willing.

    [IMG]<a href=""><img src="" alt="Finkels" border="0"></a>[/IMG]

    Here's a screenshot, hopefully that works.

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    hi ApeBeard,

    welcome to this forum..

    I can give your mission a test.

    for testing you might want to check out:
    the place to test missions

    my nick over at shalebridgecradle is the same as here: nightshifter

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    If you want i can test your new mission.

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    I suggest you register at Southquarter instead because Shalebridgecradle isn't being maintained anymore and there's no telling when it might go down for good. Brethren has kindly set up a testing site for us at Southquarter and I'm recommending everyone change to there. When you register there, let me know and give me your username and the name of the mission, and I will approve your account and set up a private testing forum for you. I also suggest that you make a new thread requesting testers in the Fan Missions forum as it will be seen by many more people.

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    I activated your account at Southquarter. I just need the name of the mission and which game it's for (T1/G, T2) and I'll set up the testing forum for you.

    Screenshot looks great! Congrats on getting your first mission this far!

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    Hey thanks the name of the mission is Finkel's and it's T2.

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    Your testing forum is ready. I sent you a PM.

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