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Thread: Blackout Club - Coop

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    Blackout Club - Coop

    I'm not sure if anyone has seen The Blackout Club ( but I just started it and am looking for some people to play coop with. It has some interesting stealth aspects and teamwork, which I haven't seen much of before. The story is cool too.

    If anyone is interested in trying it, let me know. Its 4 player coop but I imagine it'd be good with any number of people (in fact with 4 I imagine you'd need to split up a lot maybe).

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    I played The Blackout Club pretty much to death early last year. I believe it's had more content added since; unfortunately I don't have the time to play it again just now, but I can recommend it to anyone interested: if you think Stranger Things crossed with Thief gameplay you won't be miles off. The movement and climbing/mantling feels great, and the stealth is good fun, albeit fast-paced and slightly chaotic as mp nearly always is. I only ever played with randoms, but the community (at the time, at least) was great and friendly, and I don't think I ever had a bad set of teammates.

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    Location: East Coast Elite :D
    Thanks! I feel stupid for missing when it came out, I saw it in early access and just lost track of it. I wish I had been keeping up so I could get in on the ground floor.

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