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Thread: combining objects in inventory

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    combining objects in inventory

    for an upcoming mission Garrett, at some point, has to change his outfit to bypass the guards.

    I made a setup for 4 objects he needs to wear: a cloack, a veil, a nice pair of shoes and a bustier. ( don't ask, long story)

    using ( wearing ) these 4 objects makes that the guards all ignore him. at some point he needs to get rid of those items ( esp the bustier is chocking him ( loosing healthpoints).

    I would like to set it up that the 4 items combine in inventory so he only has to drop 1 item to get rid of all of the dressup-goodies

    what would be the best way to set this up??
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    I don't really know how best to set this up, but thought perhaps NVInvAssembly, NVInvAssembly2 and/or NVInvTransform might possibly be useful.

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    still puzzling with this.

    I think I have a solution: all 4 objects have the script : Transmogrify (TNH). that will change the object when it goes in inventory.
    they all get the same new model.
    and then I want to use ModelByCount ( also TNH) to change the model to indicate that the player has 1,2,3, or 4 items used.

    only problem is that I can't get the ModelByCount to work. I don't know what the exact syntax for the design note is.
    any suggestions??

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    I would increment a QVar (QvarTrap) as each piece is picked up until the count is 4, then remove them all and give the player (NVItemGiver) a completed costume, then the player can use or drop that as needed. So they are collecting the pieces until it is complete, and only the complete costume is usable in inventory.

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    ah, thank you Russ, gonna give that a try!!

    edit: and very glad to say it works like a charm

    you learn something new every day. I never knew qvars are that powerfull and versatile ( I only ever used them on objectives). had some great help from this tut and demo:
    really cool stuff
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