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Thread: T2Fix: An Unofficial Comprehensive Patch for Thief 2

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    those secret doors and a glitchy door (ep2)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jax64 View Post
    ... that is most certainly nothing more than false positive.
    Thanks. I used two other antivirus programs to scan T2Fix_1.27b.exe, and they both reported nothing wrong. So, I disabled Webroot, did the install, and everything went smoothly. T2Fix_1.27b found that my original installation (1.25) was bad, so I had to do a fresh install. It is worth noting that T2Fix_1.27b takes care of the complete fresh install by itself, using my software CDs. I did not have to worry about patching to 1.18, etc., the previous procedure.

    The only problem I had was that after the fresh install the key bindings file user.bnd was back to default. I had a lot of custom keys that I hated to lose. I was lucky that I had my own good key bindings in my Thief Gold folder. Copying that over fixed it.

    You have an excellent piece of software there. Thanks for your help!

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    There is a bug list with saves (launched with old version of Tafferpatcher -

    - Blackmail under ground - only in this place in Blackmail it was possible to be under ground, probably 1 per 50 times the player after jump around stairs will be under ground, nothing to fix
    - vibration - strange vibration, nothing to fix
    - bug with crate - should be fixed
    - bug with wall - should be fixed
    - bug with well - should be fixed
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    update to the latest version of T2Fix, restart the mission using the restart button in the menu, and see whether the problems are still there.

    anything else (old saves, old patchers, mixing files between versions etc) is not supported.

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    Kidnap mission.
    What am I doing wrong?
    I canīt get past here. The metal door is invisible.

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    Did you restart the mission after applying T2Fix? A brief test reveals nothing wrong.

    In your case, it looks like the model for that particular object was not loaded. With T2Fix 1.27b it is located at .\RES\RESPATCH\obj.crf\lctowdfix.bin if you chose to install the fixed missions.

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