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Thread: Thief Gold vs. Thief 2

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    I'm not going to get involved in the discussion, but I love reading everyone's views and comments. I do just want to clarify, however, that Lytha is female.
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    Wow I didn't know that Yandros! Has she posted after 2001-02 ish? Any reasons why she quit the community?

    Most of the points I wanted to explain/discuss were already covered by Garndmauden and Meowdori, so it's not going to be a long post. Just one thing I'd like to mention: the supposedly weak story in TDP/TG first "act".

    I don't think you can call missions 1 to 5 (Bafford to Guild) a weak storyline since they all logically follow one another! In my headcanon, Garrett had already done a bunch of impressive heists off-screen, but Lord Bafford's sceptre had the street cred (Bafford-Ramirez connection). Then he needs Cutty to sell it, but the fence is jailed - we go to Cragscleft, only to learn Cutty is standing on his last legs so all we get is information. Enter the Bonehoard... you get the drift. Only "Thieves' Guild" might be a little off, many argued that the mission is kind of unnecessary since we dealt with crime boss(es) in "Asssassins", but I'm glad the Guild is included.

    So that story arc is much varied, interesting, one could say it would've been a great foundation for another game, perhaps a prequel - "Thief 0" stuff. I love how Garrett keeps raising the bar! It's also understandable that in a City full of thieves Constantine and Viktoria call Garrett's number after all these feats.

    And one more thing: this is how stories should develop - with Action instead of Exposition. Talking to Cutty in-game, following Felix notes, sneaking up Ramirez butt. This is organic, pure storytelling; that's how Half-Life succeeded!

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