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Thread: Thanks and Hello

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    Let it be know that MAXIMIUS, formerly ALEXDAGREAT, formerly of TEAM FORTRESS CLASSIC fame and erstwhile THIEF SERIES fan, has successfully built his first ROOM in T3ED! But not content with this triumph, MAXIMIUS has driven forward, irregardless of obstacles, despite legions of foes, to claim even greater glories! Tremble at the name of he who has wrought a
    with his mighty hands!

    MAXIMIUS did not stand alone in these struggles, however. Let paens and praise be heaped upon the jeweled crest of KOMAG, He who reveals the Builders ways! Let a thousand lights rest upon the brow of MOGHEDIAN, He who sent MAXIMIUS the T3ED CD-R, gratis! Let the team at EIDOS and ION STORM who made the editor possible assume their rightful place in the pantheon of the Citys saints! A new era of gaming awaits us all!

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    Location: Italy
    For ever GRATEFUL to WHO made the EDITOR POSSIBLE!!!

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    I can't believe I missed this. Serves me right for be such a spammer.

    Thank you from a dude who's been hooked since '98. It's been fun.

    All these veterans

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    to all the praises and thank yous already presented. Go go go go go!! Get building dammit!

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    Just a quick mention that Scott Holbert aka Grey Mouser has now left Eidos. If it wasn't for this fine feline fellow, this chapter of the Thief annals would never have existed.

    Mr Holbert... we salute you! May health, wealth and happiness follow your every move.

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    Oh my god I can't believe I just spotted this forum

    I've decided to build my very first FM and have been working through KOMAG's excellent tutorial and getting steadily more depressed at my lack of talent and the amount of work I've promised to myself, and knowing this place exists has just lightened my heart considerably

    Thank you all

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    Hello and Thank you.
    Great job getting us this editor.
    I have been doing things with Komag's tutorial, and have started on a cool map to just run around in. Based on deck plans from the Titanic.
    For some reason I like to build RL type things.
    All my old(bad)habits from DromEd are still present so I hope to work those out before I do anything serious.
    I made a comment to my co-worker yesterday that I'll only be coming to work in my "spare time".
    He thought that was funny, I don't think he realizes I am serious.
    T3Ed has taken over

    Thanks again.

    (btw, how do I insert an image?)

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    I'm amazed. I just found out the news. I don't even know where my T3 disks are at this point.

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    Wow ... oldschoolers coming out of the woodwork.
    Are you thinking about making a T3 FM kfgecko?

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    After playing T3, I didn't get the feeling an editor was coming out. When I learned Ion Storm had closed down, I had given up hope. I think I did sign the petition, but didn't think about it till now. Thanks to all for pushiing this through!

    I have a 2 year old now and don't even have time to play games at all. But if I ever did anything, Creature Clash 3 would be first.

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