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Thread: The SL/SM thread for jolly co-operation

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    The SL/SM thread for jolly co-operation

    Since we have a whole subforum for this series, I figured there could be a thread where list our characters, so if someone needs some help, or just wants to kick ass as part of a ttlg crack team, can check if anyone is available in his/her level range. Obviously, it's soul level for DS and soul memory for DS2. I figured everyone could make one post and update it as he/she progresses, but whatever goes of course.

    Anyway, my availability:

    Platform: PC
    Time zone: GMT+1

    Dark Souls:
    SL1 - all areas
    SL20 - all areas
    SL60 - all areas
    SL110 - no access to Demon Ruins / Izalith, Tomb of Giants, Kiln
    SL125 - no access to Kiln

    SL calculator for DS:

    Dark Souls 2:
    SM 15m+ - access to all areas (NG+)
    SM 3-5m - access to all areas (NG)

    SM calculator for DS2:
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    How does the whole Soul Memory thing work? I'm playing on PC and around SL 115.

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    I think it keeps track of how many souls were required to get you to your current SL. Like if it takes 600,000 souls to reach SL 110, then you have a soul memory of 600,000.

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    My understanding is soul memory is every soul you've ever picked up, regardless of what happened to it after. So if you lose a lot of souls, your soul memory will be higher than an equivalent level player who recovers their souls more often. Or if you spent a lot at the blacksmith, or whatever.

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    Soul Memory is the amount of souls you've ever gathered, irregardless or wether you used them for something or lost them. It can be checked in the top right corner of the character screen (the third screen).

    In DS2, this is what determines who you can connect to. This is a rough guideline on SM tiers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malleus View Post

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    Oh, I see now. English fail. Whoops.

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    So that means whether you spend all your souls on upgrading your weapons or leveling up, you'll still connect to the same people? That makes more sense than matching by level alone.

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    That would make sense, but actually it's "whether you spend all your souls on upgrading your weapons or leveling up or buying consumables or losing them or simply keeping them on yourself, you'll still connect to the same people". It wasn't a bad idea, but it isn't ideal in its current form IMO.

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    Looks like a name-engraved ring is a big help - provided the gods are the same. Do we have an official TTLG god for the ring?

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    Am I Steam friends with everyone here? My user name is Aja27 if you don't have me. I'm in the 600k range with DS2.

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    Jolly cooperation

    <strike>I thought that I would put together a thread for those of us that enjoy the jolly cooperation aspect of the Dark Souls games. For those of you that want to take part, post your relevant stats in a similar format to those below.</strike>

    Steam: twisty
    DS Name: Art of Slicing
    Soul level: 1M+
    Timezone: GMT +8 (Perth, Australia)

    I'm currently still playing through DS2 but have just beaten the Singing Demon and all prior bosses in the game. If you need any help in any of the areas or bosses up until this point feel free to get in touch.

    As I'm not currently playing DS1 until I finish the sequel, I will post my details for that game at some later stage.
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    Nobody loves me...

    Well, for what its worth, here's my stuff:

    -was duplicate of first post-
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    Sorry, I forgot all about this thread as I didn't have DS2 when this forum was created. And I rarely used any non-NPC summon in DS1 due to inconsistent connectivity issues with G4WL.

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    Update: Thanks to Malleus, we managed to kill them on second try. :-)

    I'm stuck for three days now in NG+ 4 Kings. I just can't figure out how to beat them. There doesn't seem to be many summons there (maybe because I'm SL 116). The one time I got someone summoned, the very first king one-shot me.
    I've tried tanking, gold pine resin, charcoal pine resin, great magic weapon, etc. etc. Almost every piece of equipment I have are maxed, or just a slab away from being maxed out.

    My stats:
    VIT: 30
    ATT: 12
    END: 59
    STR: 20
    DEX: 40
    RES: 12
    INT: 16
    FTH: 10

    I'd be very grateful for any help. I'm GMT+2, latest steamworks version, and same name as here.
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    So... does anyone want to help me take down the Smelter Demon in the Crown of the Iron King? Supposedly you don't even need the DLC for this part. I'm playing the original release (e.g. NOT Scholar of the First Sin) so I can continue where I left off.

    I'll check my soul memory later, but I think it's quite high, so I'm PROBABLY in the top bracket.

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    I'm game if we happen to be on at the same time (I'm in central europe). Not today though. Add me on Steam, you can find me in the TTLG groups.

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    Yeah sure, just msg me if I'm online at the same time and I'll have at it.

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    Thanks for the offers guys. I will see what happens with tonight's attempts. BTW, my soul memory is 3554272; guess it wasn't as high as I thought it was.

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    And after depopulating the route getting to him, and dying at least N times, the AI helpers managed to not die on the most recent attempt, and I won! Thanks for the offers anyhow. If I'm having any trouble later on, I'll poke you guys on Steam.

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