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Thread: Make a lock accept multiple keys?

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    Make a lock accept multiple keys?

    I'm trying to rig up the following system:

    1. There are N keys which bijectively correspond to N doors (standard src-dst stuff).
    2. There is a master door which will accept any of the N keys (standard master bit stuff).

    Intuitively, think about a hotel where each guest's key works on their own door (and no other guests' doors), and also works on a number of shared doors (e.g., the gym/pool/elevator/business center, etc...).

    How can this be accomplished?

    Each of the two conditions is easy to satisfy on its own, but they seem very difficult to pair. I can't make any of the keys a master bit, b/c then it will open all of the N doors (or else have a different RegionID, in which case it won't open any of them), and I can't give the master door multiple key-dst codes. I can't think of a mission which has done this, but it seems like a commonplace enough situation that I'm assuming there's an obvious solution. Should I just "fake" it with some custom S/R?
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    Quote Originally Posted by trefoilknot View Post
    Should I just "fake" it with some custom S/R?
    This, it's less confusing. Set "Contact Types" "Collision, Frob Inv -> World" in the StimSource.

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