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Thread: Thief Gold FPS

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    Thief Gold FPS

    Hi guys,

    I would like to play Thief Gold but my fps is a bit low, can I tune Thief somehow to play at 60 fps? I am running v.127

    Thanks you at lot

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    From the Newdark guide:

    Low frame rate.
    * Decrease display resolution.
    * Disable multisampling ("multisampletype").
    * Disable floating point render buffers ("d3d_disp_enable_hdr").
    * Disable postprocessing ("postprocess").
    * Disable "d3d_disp_sw_cc".
    * Disable "d3d_disp_enable_distortionfx".
    * Set "d3d_disp_no_rgb10_buf" to prevent the game from running in
    enhanced 10-bits-per-channel RGB mode.
    * If you're running with DX6 then try DX9 (set "use_d3d_display").

    (Tweak these settings in your cam_ext.cfg file)

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    thank you very much indeed

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    Also try this:
    in your cam_ext.cfg find "d3d_disp_limit_gpu_frames 1 1" and add a ";" at the beginning to disable it.
    That setting is a performance killer on lower end hardware.

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