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Thread: This is just surreal

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    This is just surreal

    Back in the day, TTLG hosted a petition to help get Jane's Attack Squadron (JAS) picked up and released. As we know, this eventually happened (although sadly 'released' did not equate to 'completed').

    The petition would have gone online shortly after LGS closed in late May 2000. Xicat and Mad Doc Software made a press release about the acquisition in October 2001, and JAS was released in late March, 2002.

    Courtesy of a link in the offline archive of a JAS web site I ran for a time, I just visited the petition page. The first surprise was that it was still there. The greater surprise was that people are still signing it!!!

    The entries are not date-stamped (visibly), but an apparent reference to Battlefield 2 caught my eye firstly, and then entry #6250 confirmed the suspicion with a manually-added date: 13-May-2005.

    Most of the current signatures are actually people wanting WinXP-compatability patches for old Jane's Combat Simulations products (which were all published by E.A. before Xicat bought the rights to the name, and are hence even more irrelevant to this petition than might at first be apparent), but there are a few who are seemingly just keen to see JAS finished up and released, as the petition suggests might be possible.

    Very odd. I wonder where the people are coming from?

    One reaction would be to close the petition down -- it has, after all, long since served its purpose -- but frankly I hope it remains as is, in appreciation of the sheer strangeness of these goings on.

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    Very interesting.
    Now that got me sliding the little booklet out of the Jas jewel case again and there was Darren Lafreniere listed in the LG Team credits(the fella who seem's to have started the petition).

    I still use win98se. The only thing about Xp that may compell me to purchase it is that I'll need to run a new program I had purchased. Win98 just fine for me.

    I have a sizeable collection of Janes sims. All first class and still fly them sometimes. Of all those Janes titles I have, however; only Jas peaked my interest, hope and desire to mod it. Jas I fly the most of all the flight sims I have, other than Flight Unlimited of course. Just something about that Jas that draws me to double-click it's icon, and enjoy it so. The same feel I get when hovering the pointer over the FltIII icon. I know it's going to be enjoyable, and extremely satifying.

    Should we start a new petition; to keep the old petition up for histories sake? heh.


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