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Thread: Joystick and Pedals

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    Joystick and Pedals

    Well I battled this..... and if I can help one single FU player through this joystick/Pedals emulation hell, it's worth an email

    This is now working;

    Microsoft Sidewinder Pro ForceFeedback (Gameport)
    CH Products Pedals (Gameport)
    USB->Gameport thingie (for the pedals)

    I bought the CH Pedals for the gameport (not the new USB thingie) because I (mistakelly) thought they would be compatible with FU. But due to the advanced use of the gameport/Mediport by MS FF joystick, the two items did not work together - not even in XP's configuration window. And I never managed to get CH Products gameport drivers to detect my CH Pedals either!!!?!

    The solution was a USB->Gameport device and this little tool : The tool installs a virtual "Game Device". FU see this single game device if it is chosen as "Preferred device" in the "Game controllers" advanced menu page. By use of the included JoyJoyPP.exe program , you are able to configure which axis of the physically game devices that must go to which axis in the virtual game device (the one FU sees).

    There are a better description here;;t=000057;p=1 The difference is just that they use Saitech joystick and USB pedals.

    Anyway..... I passed my knowledge on, hopefully someone can save some time...


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    Always useful to have - thanks, Aerosign!

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    Thank you! This sort of information is always gratefully received :)

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