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Thread: FU1 (DOS version) and DosBox

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    FU1 (DOS version) and DosBox

    Have any of you guys successfully used FU1 (Dos version) with DosBox? I am interested in how smooth it will run - if it will run at all.... I battled it yesterday without much luck. The reason why I would prefer this over the Win95 version I use iis due to the Video capture functionality in DosBox. I am however not prepared to "pay" with lower resolution or low framerates.

    Any insights on the matter is highly appreciated..


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    You will most definitely wind up with lower resolutions and/or frame rates.

    Any time you emulate a system in software, you can expect to dramatically reduce the overall speed, and I don't believe that current hardware is sufficiently blindingly fast to run FU1 at 1024x768 at a reasonable frame rate via DOS Box. It's probably not even close.

    Do experiment -- you might be pleasantly surprised -- but I would keep your expectations on the low side.

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    Thanks for your reply!

    I played with this again last night and found the reason to my failures the other day. DosBox does infact seem to run FU1. But as stated here and elsewere, the resolution needs to be lowered - which I too expected.

    My DosBox adventurees was only for the video capture feature. But with my current hardware I'll stay with the FU 95 version and a camcorder as capture device...


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    Don't forget you can tweak the CPU cycles and frame dropping. Keep in mind too that if you are posting on YouTube, you will be losing a lot of video resolution anyway.

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